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Plastic Laminated Film Shredder

What is laminated film?

The before shredding materials of Plastic laminated film shredder are normally presented as laminated film sheets. A sheet of laminating film is composed of several plastic layers. Normally the harder layer is on the outside and the softer layer is on the inside.  What kind of plastic is used in laminating film? The harder outer layer is usually made from PET plastic (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and the softer inner layer is made out of EVA plastic (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). Occasionally a combination of PET plastic, PE (Polyethylene Plastic) and EVA plastic are all used together.

There are several type of laminating films which includes School Laminating Film, Standard Laminating Film,   Professional Laminating Film,   Digital Low-Melt Laminating Film and Pressure Sensitive (Cold) Laminating Film.

Why we need to recycle plastic laminated film?

Plastic laminated film is widely used for framing and packing things. If these huge amount of plastic laminated film waste is not right disposed and go to landfill directly, we cannot imagine how much white pollution is created. Luckily plastic laminated films are considered “green” products as the films and their resins can be 100% recycled and re-used. For example, we can produce plastic pellets for various applications. Today, more and more people are involved in such plastic recycling. They are working on improving the technology to achieve zero-landfill for these plastic laminated films waste.

Use a plastic laminated film shredder to start plastic laminated film recycling

A lot of awareness have been created among the people on the plastic recycling and reusing. Many recycling machines are involved in plastic laminated film recycling. Plastic laminated film shredder is used for the size reduction of plastic laminated films.

How does plastic laminated film shredder work?

The mechanism behind the plastic laminated film shredder is similar to that of the normal shredder,

  • – Feeding the waste in input
  • – Reducing their size to desirable one
  • – Lending the finished product in output dock

These three steps are the most important and fundamental one in shredding.

Precautionary measures to be taken during plastic laminated film shredder operation:

When it comes to operating a machine, a lot of safety measures have to follow and should concentrate on a number of things like,

The operator should wear the safety suit whenever working with the shredder.

He/ she should know the dos and don’ts of the machine.

How much will plastic laminated film shredder cost?

The price of plastic laminated film shredder can vary from place to place. A lot of things will be considered while buying a machine, for example its power, holding capacity, hydraulic parts, electrical usages, brands, transportation, installation and so on. One thing is sure that is the more advanced the machine, the more useful and expensive it will be. Contact PROSINO for your most suitable plastic laminated film shredder. It is worth the buy and will be more helpful than one can imagine.


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