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Plastic Drum Shredder Machine

What can a plastic drum shredder do?
Plastic drums are hollow items and occupy a lot of space. There are various sizes of plastic drums. It has 5L, 10L, 20L, 40L and even 200L. After using out the products inside, the plastic drums become a waste. How to reduce the volume of the plastic drums? You can use a plastic drum shredder to destroy them. Shredding is a necessary step before reycling the drums. Only small pieces of plastis scrap can go to the reycling processes. Reycling company needs a shredder to crush the plastic drums into small pieces. Plastic drum plants need a shredder to destory defect drums. Also, some mechanical plants need a shredder to shred the drums after using out the products. With the small shreds, it makes transporation much less costly. In addition, it makes the loading and discharging much easier.

What shredder to choose for plastic drums?
You can use a single shaft shredder and you can also use a double shaft shredder. Single shaft shredder works better. Because it has a hydraulic pusher to push the drums into the cutter. Single shaft shredding machine works for all sizes of drums. But you need to make sure the feed throat is enough big. For some thick-wall drums, single shaft shredder also works. Double shaft shredder is not an optimal choice for drums. Because the drum may jump above the blades. For some small drums, double shaft shredder works well. However for some big size drums, we do not suggest his type of shreder.

Plastic drum shredder in PROSINO
PROSINO has quite a few models for both single shaft and double shaft shredder. The blades of double shaft units normally are leaf-like and have three claws on each of them. After you feed the plastic drums into the machine, they will be crushed by the occlusion of the blades. The blades adopt high-resistant material such as SKD-11. Therefore, these blades are very strong and the duration is relatively longer. Single shaft shredder has a lot of small blade bits on the rotor. And the rotor rotates in very high speed.
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