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PET Bottles Grinder Machine

PET bottles can be in different sizes and shapes for various applications. This is because PET(polyethylene terephthalate) is a high gloss, crack-resistant transparent plastic which creates a good barrier to moisture and gas. The shapes of PET bottles can be boston rounds, cosmo rounds, pharmaceutical rounds, cylinder, ovals as well as wide mouth jar. Of course, each shape has their own unique qualities. Since there are so many PET bottles scraps and also PET is a good recyclable material, PET bottles recycling is popular and makes great sense to both economy and environment. PET bottles grinder machine is an ideal size reduction solution in this case.

PET bottles grinder machines in the market

PET bottles grinders provide an excellent cutting functions to reduce PET bottles into small articles. Also the screen can be tailored to meet different final product sizes. That means you can control the final articles’ size into a certain range as you want. Different plastic grinders from different manufacturers or suppliers may have some differences in structure and designs. But the overall functions are similar. The PET bottles can be in small containers or large plastic barrels. You will always find a suitable size grinder to reduce its size into your desired size.

Different choices of hopper opening sizes can be available to suit your materials’ size. The output requirement decides the power of motor as well as other figurations. Different sizes and shapes of PET bottles may need different designs of cutters and rotors to achieve a better shredding result. For large PET bottle grinders, you may need an in-feed system for efficient material feeding.

PROSINO PET bottles grinders

PROSINO brand PET bottles grinders can be from mini grinders to large grinders for all different level capacity. Various models with hopper alternatives are there to suit your specific application. PET bottles can be collected, sorted, shredded and recycled to new plastic products such as new bottles, plastic carpets, T-shirts and other packaging materials. So do not dispose your PET bottles as a landfill product, it really has economical benefits to recycle them for new applications. Start your PET bottles recycling from a PROSINO PET bottles grinder now.

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