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Paper Mill Shredder Machine

What is a paper mill shredder?

A paper mill shredder refers to a shredder that a paper mill needs to shred waste paper. Paper mills collect large quantity of waste paper for recycling and converting into new paper. These waste paper includes white paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, newspaper, etc. The majority of waste paper that paper mill receive is already in the form of bales. Paper mill shredders therefore have to own the ability of handling both paper bales and loose paper scrap. For loose paper, almost any type of shredder can handle. For handling paper bales, paper mills have to use a single shaft paper mill shredder. The single shaft paper mill shredders can easily shave the paper bales into small flakes under the high-speed rotating of the cutting rotor. But double shaft shredders are not capable of shredding paper bales, as the bale will easily get stuck at the blades.

What is the structure of a paper mill shredder?

Paper mill shredders are composed by a cutting rotor that has a good number of cutting bits on it, a hydraulic-driven pushing plate, a hydraulic pack to drive the pushing plate, a screen, a hopper, and surely also the machine frame. The cutting rotor is the core unit of the paper mill shredders. The hydraulic-driven pushing plate is an ancillary device to increase the shredding efficiency. Without the pushing plate, some material cannot even get in touch with the rotating blades. The screen is for controlling the output flake size. Output material size will be below the size of the screen mesh. Wear parts of the paper mill shredders are mainly the blades and the screen.

What does a paper mill shredder consume? 

To run paper mill shredders, you need hydraulic oil to activate the hydraulic system, and you also need electric power to activate the electric motor. However, hydraulic oil actually is not consumable for paper mill shredders, because it runs in circulating way, and you just need to replace with new oil once a year when the oil becomes dirty or loses viscosity. Electric power is consumable for paper mill shredders. Hence, when choosing a paper mill shredder, do choose a proper size one according to the daily waste quantity. Otherwise if over-choose a too big one, the electricity consumption will be too big.

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