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Industrial Wood Shredder Machine

What is industrial wood shredder?

Industrial wood shredder is the shredding machine which can crush all kinds of wood materials in industrial area. As we all know that, the application of industrial wood shredding machine is very different from agricultural and horticultural shredder. The agricultural and horticultural shredder is available especially for shredding the garden waste like the whole trees, tree branches, leaves, etc. But the industrial wood shredding machine is used to shredding the material like wood pallets, wood plank or plywood sheet which used for packing, wood cases, etc.

Why we need industrial wood shredder?

Nowadays wood resource is a very precious resource for us. It provides clean water and air, timber for wood products, wildlife habitats, stable soil, and recreational opportunities. Also they beautify the environment. Furthermore, they are an important economic resource producing marketable timber. We have an increasing demand for wood but the cycle of wood normally takes many years. If we over cutting the wood, it will lead many problems such as soil erosion, quicksand silted up and blocked the river course, global warming and greenhouse effect, etc. The wood recycling becomes a very important project for both environment and economy. Industrial wood shredding machine is one of the necessary equipment of wood recycling business.

PROSINO industrial wood shredders

PROSINO brand size reduction machines have single shaft wood shredder, double shaft wood shredder, and wood granulator etc.. In particular, we have designed a type of industrial wood shredding machine which especially for shredding the wood pallet. We call it as wood pallet shredder. The feed opening of this machine is designed based on the size and shape of the wood pallet. It is very convenient for you to load the wood pallet into the machine. And the feed opening also can prevent the wood pallet from bouncing up when shredding. Contact our PROSINO team for your own wood size reduction machine.

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