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Foam Crusher in Scrap Foam Recycling

What is foam made of? What is foam type?

Foams are made by forming gas bubbles in a plastic mixture. There are two popular type of foams. One is flexible foam which has an open cell structure and can be used to produce high or low densities. The typical applications of flexible foams are mattresses and pillows, automotive trim, shoe soling and cushioning for furniture and automobiles. The other is rigid foam which is highly cross-linked polymers with a closed cell structure. The typical applications of rigid foams are that they can be used as insulation for buildings and refrigerators etc. Due to the wide application of foam scrap, waste foam recycling is a good solution. Some recycling machines like foam baler, foam shredder or foam crusher, are helping the whole process easier and more efficient.

Waste Foam Recycling

Waste recycling is never a new topic today but it still has long way to go and achieve it step by step. Some materials simply cannot be used to produce new valuable material or product. Others still have problems to be collected and transported. Foam as one of the popular materials with wide applications, have the great necessary to be recycled in a right and efficient way. EPS foam, PE foam and other plastic foam have severe pollution on the environment if not handled. Luckily scrap foam recycling is quite possible as foam scrap is reusable. When scrap foam is being recycled, it really provides many environment benefits as well as corresponding economic benefits.

Below are some important steps for waste foam recycling:

  1. – Scrap foam is collected and sorted if needed.
  2. – Large amount of scrap foam are compressed into dense manageable bales for easy transportation and storage.
  3. – Scrap foam is then shredded or crushed into much more smaller pieces.
  4. – The shredded foam scrap can be used to make new products or they can be mixed with other materials like fiber for converting into new materials.

Use a Foam Baler and Foam Crusher in your Scrap Foam Recycling

Foam scraps occupy so much space and disposal is really costly for foam manufacturers and other users. Foam baler can help. Large amount of scrap foam can be compressed into dense package by using a foam baler. You can compress the foam several times to achieve the most compacted bale. These foam scrap balers are very easy to be handled and only one person is in simple operation. This can greatly reduce your transportation cost and storage cost.

The majority of flexible foam scrap is shredded or crushed into much more smaller particles by using a foam shredder or foam crusher. This foam crushing machine is simple, safe and one-person operation. So it is an easy of use recycling machine. The final shredded foam particles can be bonded together to make products like carpet underlay which also called bonded carpet. There are many suck kind of successful examples in scrap foam recycling and reuse. People can solve the waste foam with the help of plastic foam crusher or foam shredder.


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