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Fish Shredder Machine / Fish Waste Shredder / Fish Shredding Machine

The leftovers of fish can be fish heads, fish parts or even whole dead fish. How to effectively make these leftovers of fish to useful resource? Fish shredder machine can help.


How to reuse or recycle fish scrap or leftover of fish?

We should all believe that processing fish waste for beneficial uses is much better than it is going to landfill. The fish scrap or leftovers of fish can have several solutions such as:

  1. – They can be processed into organic fertilizer which supports the sustainable agriculture through maintaining soil fertility and regaining the high yield and sustainability of the land.
  2. – The shredded fish waste can be further processed into new products like oil or bone calcium.
  3. – They can also be processed into feed additives.


What is a fish shredder machine or fish shredding machine?

The development of fish shredder machine or fish shredding machine can be of great help to the production of fish emulsion fertilizer or other new products in both quality and quantity. It can handle the toughest fish, grab and destroy fish with ease. Industrial shredders are the perfect shredding solution to shred the fish scrap or leftovers of fish into much more smaller pieces which are easier to be processed in next step. Fish shredders can help ships and other fish processing plants improve efficiency and disposal.


Fish shredder machine or fish shredding machine in PROSINO

For fish scrap or leftovers of fish shredding purpose, PROSINO provides several types of suitable shredding machines. For example, our double shaft shredder features wide cutting chamber and direct drive. It is heavily constructed for provides optimal shredding and long life. Our grinder or granulator can be set to effective solid reduction, reliability and ease of maintenance. We also custom design and build the fish shredding machine based on your specific requirements.


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