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Dual Shear Shredder Machine

Dual shear shredder is also popular as two shear shredder, twin shear shredder, dual shaft shredder, and two rotor shredder etc. This kind of shredder is a low speed but high torque two shaft shredder. It has two rotors and can efficiently process most difficult materials to variable particle sizes. For example, scrap tyre, metal drum, computer and refrigerator shell, carpet, metal sheet, plastic film and E-waste etc are all available for size reduction by this shredder.

How to select a right dual shear shredder?

Since dual shear shredder has a variety of sizes, drive options, rotor and cutter configurations, do you know how to select your own right dual shear shredder? When you purchasing a shredder, you should consider many factors as below to achieve your maximum capability and capacity of the shredder:

1. horsepower

This is the main factor to decide the size of the shredder. So when you have tough materials for size reduction, you should select enough horsepower to make the machine capable of shredding this material.

2. knife tip force and the configuration of knives

The knife tip force is also the important factor to improve the shredder performance especially for some materials like tires. So you should select the right rotor and knife design as well as configuration of knives to make the shredder best suitable for certain kind of material’s shredding result.

3. shaft rotary speed

The shaft rotary speed is also critical to the shredding capacity on a particular material. Generally speaking, higher shaft rotary speed produces higher level capacity if it is with same power force.

4. method of feed and feed opening

Whether it is fed by front end loader or conveyor? Which feed hopper design is best suitable for certain material? We should answer these questions well before making a shredder purchase.

PROSINO dual shear shredders

PROSINO brand dual shear shredders have many standard models for different materials and output options. In addition, we can also tailor your case to make the best suitable shredder for you. So contact our PROSINO team today to know more dual shear shredders.

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