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Wood shredder and wood chipper difference


Each day new ideas and innovations have been introduced in the waste management field. This have leafs to a lot of confusion and inconvenience among the buyers. It remains a headache to specify which one to buy a Shredder or a grinder or a crushers or chippers?

When it comes to wood waste management, it is more complicated to say the difference. Knowing the wood shredder and wood chipper difference is a useful and beneficial thing.


Wood Shredder:

Wood Shredder is one, which is used in reducing the size of the wood and lumber. They are similar to that of the wood chipper but are suitable only at a lower level.

Wood chipper:

Wood chippers are used in industrial level for cutting and to reduce bigger and bulkier Woods and lumber. They are mostly used in saw mills.


Wood Shredder and wood chipper difference based on factors

It will be easier to decide, once you identify. Based on,

  • – The engine type
  • – Reduction ratio
  • – Number of blades and
  • – Vacuum attachments

Are the main things to be considered. If one masters these specifications then it will be a bull’s eye to see wood shredder and wood chipper difference.


The engine type:

Electric motor and gas powered motor engines are the two important and widely used engine types in the wood chippers and Shredders. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, it is wise to select electric motor wood Shredder as they are easy to maintain and less expensive. They are more suitable for indoor and home usage.

Gas powered wood chippers are best for industrial and commercial purposes as they are well built and requires a lot space to store it.


Reduction ratio:

A machine’s efficiency is decided by the reduction ratio of the material. The same way the wood shredder and wood chipper difference can also be known using the reduction ratio. The wood Shredder reduction ratio will always be less than that of the wood chipper.


Number of blades:

Blades present in the machine determine the reduction ratio of the material and are the most important part in the machine. The higher the number of blades the finer the result particle. The wood chipper will have high number of blades than that of the wood Shredder. And so they are more likely to be used in bulkier waste management such as industrial and mill waste.


Vacuum attachments:

The vacuums have been added in some shredder as they help in lessen the time consumption for the process. It may seems little but the usage is more than one can imagine. They are available in both Shredder and chippers.

Apart from these one can identify the wood shredder easily by their appearance. Though the resemble the chipper very much they are less built than chipper and have blunt bladed when compared to the chipper. They also have smaller engine than the chipper.



The above said wood shredder and wood chipper difference are only basic information and for knowledge purposes.


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