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Waste Gaskets Shredder Machine

What is gasket? Gasket is an elastomeric part which covers the intersection between two surfaces. Gaskets can be made from a variety of different materials, but the dominant raw material for gasket is rubber. The application of gaskets includes sealing, anti-vibration, packaging, hygiene, noise and sound reduction. Gasket is a very common component, so they are widely available in chemical processing, petrochemical, mining, military, filtration, pharmaceutical as well as sanitary process industries. But how to solve the environmental problems when millions of tons of waste gaskets rubber are thrown away in the natural environment? Waste management and recycling is the ideal solution for obtaining recycled waste rubber. Then waste gaskets shredder and other recycling machines are great help to improve the recycling efficiency.

Why recycle waste gasket? 

The majority of gasket is made from rubber. Rubber biodegrades slowly. Discarded rubber scrap consumes landfill space quickly. Recycling waste gasket not only saves the precious landfill space, but also protects environment as well as human health. Producing rubber from reclaim requires less energy than using virgin material. Furthermore, the reclaiming and recycling activities itself can brings work opportunities. 

How waste gasket is recycled? 

The waste gaskets are firstly collected and washed clean, with the help of shredders and granulators. The waste gasket are turned into small rubber granules, they are further washed and dried. Then you can use the reclaimed rubber granules as raw material for making new rubber based products. So such kind of recycling is really sustainable.

Waste Gaskets Shredder from PROSINO

Shredders and granulators are must have equipment for recycling rubber gasket. PROSINO offers various different waste gaskets shredders and granulators with various sizes and capacities, including single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and granulator. When you are looking for a shredder for an initial size reduction process for rubber shreds, or a granulator to obtain fine and uniform rubber granules, PROSINO’s range of products can absolutely help. 

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