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Tyre Shredding Machine

What is tyre shredding machine?

Tyre shredding machine covers those size reduction machines which can crush scrap tyres from cars, trucks, aircraft and agricultural to off-the-road and mining equipment etc.

The typical tyre shredder is double shaft shredder. The granulator can be available for further size reduction after shredding. Double shaft shredder normally is applicable in the preliminary shredding process. It can shred the whole scrap tyres into small pieces, but the article sizes after shredding are random. For example, it is between 5-15 cm. That means you may get 5cm piece, 8cm piece, 10cm piece or 15cm piece. If you are very strict with the final product size, for example, all the tire pieces are around 5cm. It is better to go for a shredder with screen which can control the final size much better. Or you can have a series of equipment to accomplish the process and make sure the sizes after shredding are almost the same.

Normally granulator is the machine to grind the shredded tyres. It can shred the smaller tyre pieces into much smaller size like 10 mm. The size of the end product is controlled by the screen size of the granulator. Generally speaking, you could not load the whole tyres such as car or truck tyres directly into the granulator. It is quite difficult for granulator to grind heavy tyres directly into such small pieces. So this is why granulator is popular as the secondary size reduction machine in whole tyre recycling line.

Be careful if you have truck tyres waiting for crushing. It is better to get rid of the wires in the truck tyres before you put the truck tyres into the shredding machine. Otherwise, the blades may get damaged easily and it really affects the useful life of the blades.

PROSINO tyre shredding machines

PROSINO offers several type of size reduction machines to suit different kind of scrap tyres. You can choose each individual tyre shredding machines or tire granulators. Or you can organize a complete tyre shredding line where double shaft shredder and granulator can work together to reduce the size to very small particles. Anyhow, size reduction of scrap tyres is the important and necessary step for whole scrap tyre recycling. Scrap tyres after recycling have many good new useful solutions. So it is encouraged to recycle them in the maximum level and try to reduce the last choice of landfill. This is why scrap tyre is so popular in the worldwide.

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