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Tree Branch Crusher Machine

Basic introduction of tree branch crusher

Tree branches take too much space. So it is very necessary to find a way to reduce the volume so as to reduce the transportation cost as well as making it easier to handle. Tree branch crusher is the right equipment to serve this particular purpose. The cutting system of a tree branch crushing machine usually is of single shaft structure. And considerable cutting bits are scattering over the shaft. After crushing, small wood chips will come out from the output port in an ejection way directly to a container or a vehicle. Tree branch crushing machine usually is mobile type that has wheels for moving here and there. It normally has options of electric type and diesel type. Diesel type is very popular, because large amount of tree branches usually is outdoor or in remote places like forest, garden, streets, etc., where there is no electric power available.

Who needs a tree branch crusher? 

  1. Every year municipal authority in each district of each city always arrange to cut off considerable quantity of tree branches from the trees on the streets and roads so as to let the trees grow better. Before transporting these tree branches to wood milling plants, they need a tree branch crusher to dispose these branches into small wood chips. Hence, each authority has the demand for a tree branch to do this job.
  2. Forest owners regularly cut off large quantity of tree branches or bamboo branches and they need a tree branch crusher to crush these branches in time. After crushing, the wood or bamboo chips become much more valuable and the forest owner can sell them to wood milling plants for further processing into sawdust or small size wood granules for making density boards. As we know, these density boards are the raw material for making wall boards and floor boards that we widely use in home decoration.

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