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Timber Pallet Shredder Machine

Timber pallets play the important role in the goods movement and storage worldwide. But when timber pallets are at end of their life and become scraps, how to properly dispose of them in an environmental and economical way? The size reduction of timber pallets is necessary. So a timber pallet shredder will be the good solution for timber pallet size reduction purpose.

Timber pallet recycling

In the past, many timber pallets scrap are disposed of directly at the municipal dump. It is a waste of natural resource and also gives big pressure to landfill because of the huge amount. Today more and more pallet companies start to repair, reuse or recycle these pallets in a better way. How to recycle the timber pallets? Generally speaking, there are two ways to recycle them.

One is to break down the constituent timber parts and use them in other solutions.

The other is to shred them into small articles to let them become wood chips. Then they can be pressed into a mould. Many wooden pallets are moulded wooden pallets. Also these wood chips can make pulp which can find wide solutions to produce new wood, paper and other products.

PROSINO timber pallet shredder

PROSINO brand shredders offers several reliable solutions for shredding timber pallets. So you can choose different shredders to solve your timber pallet size reduction. But our PS-S-WP series timber pallet shredder is especially for shredding standard timber pallets. It can effectively shred entire timber pallets and nails all to reduce their bulk volume. So you do not need to dismantle the pallet first and then reuse or recycle the pallets. This greatly reduce the disposal cost. Also this machine is very easy to operate and maintain. When you throw the pallet into the hopper, it can directly go into the cutting chamber. The final article size after shredding can be customized per your individual requirement. The discharge conveyor is optional when you need to convey the output into a container.

So contact PROSINO team for your most suitable timber pallet shredder today.

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