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The Helpful Guide on Battery Crusher


As we, all know batteries are made up of electrochemical cells, which are used to give power to torches, remotes and in smart phones too. However, what happen to them once they are used? They will be thrown out just like any other waste material. What would you do if I say that their fate can be changed with battery crusher?

What are battery crushers?

A battery crusher, in general, is used to crush the used or wasted batteries using heavy load machines and separated to give a reduced product.

Types of batteries:

Based on the raw material used they are classified as : Primary battery and Secondary battery.

The primary battery is the one that is not rechargeable. Their chemical action cannot be reversible. Most of the manufacturer recommends not to recharge these primary batteries, as they may cause adverse effects.

The secondary batteries are the one that is used in common. They are rechargeable and have reversible chemical action. The lead acid battery is one of the oldest and the best example for rechargeable one. 

How do they work?

These battery crushers are proved the best alternative way in recycling. Their mode of working is similar to that of the Shredder. Once the battery is brought to the machine, they are:

They are crushed and broken using rotating hammers in a closed chamber. The roughly crushed particles are then sent to separation chamber using the conveyor’s belts. Using sink and floating mechanism the heavier particles will be separated from the lighter particles such as plastics using water from that of the lead.

These crushed and washed particles are sent into the separation tank. The separation tank is one of the most important components in the battery crushers. The lighter plastic material will be separated using the upper screw conveyors.

The heavier particles will be settled down and are separated using the lower screw conveyors. They are then, sent to the respective units to be converted into a chip or furnace and will be ready for re-use.


The following are some of the main advantages of battery crusher:

  1. They are environmentally friendly machines.
  2. The mode of operation is similar to that of the Shredder which makes it easier to handle.
  3. They required only a minimal manpower.
  4. The machine is tough and can break tons and tons of units.
  5. The inner components are made up of stainless steel so it won’t cause any hassle when coming in contact with an acid battery.
  6. They are less time consuming.
  7. Both acids filled or dry batteries can be used as a raw material.
  8. They come in all sizes from portable to that of the industrial models. 


They can be bit expensive when compared to other methods.


The battery crusher not only helps in saving money but also helps in saving the environment. PROSINO provides many size reduction machines for battery crushing purpose. Contact us now if you have any battery crusher questions.

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