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Sponge Crusher – Sponge Waste Recycling Solution

Sponge crusher is mainly used for shredding sponge remaining material, into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful material. The sponge is a type of voluminous material, which is particularly used for furniture padding, in constructing building insulation material, and disposable cups, plate or spoon.  Because of huge demands of sponge in the industrial fields, a large amount of sponge is manufactured and the simultaneously huge amount of waste sponge is generated.

For such waste, proper recycling becomes significantly important not only to our economy but also to the environment. Recycling of sponge is likely to be highly dependent on what kind of material it is made from; such as polyurethane foam; a rubberized compound; or a composite product made from a combination of materials. Thus, sponge can be reused and can be converted into a useful product with the help of Sponge Crushers. With the re-use of sponge, one is not able to save environment from the waste, but money and time also.

Raw Materials of Sponge Crushers:

  • Small pieces of sponge remnants, which are generated while producing some sponge material, can be reused.
  • Any types of foam waste from packaging material, insulation board or from mattresses.

Benefits of Sponge Crushers

There are various benefits of sponge crusher. Some are discussed as below:

  • – Energy consumption is reduced, as the finished product does not require re-coloring.
  • – As the availability of the product is local, so no transportation is required, this will save the energy and more importantly, our time.
  • – Reduction in water usage as lesser volume required for washing.
  • – Reduction in Chemicals’ consumption.
  • – Raw resources usage and demand are reduced.
  • – Reduction in air pollution and water pollution.
  • – Materials are available locally, which results in a saving of precious time and energy.

Process Involved in Sponge Crushing

Different stages of process are involved in converting rag sponge to a new useful form:

  • – Waste Sponge products are collected and sorted
  • – These sorted materials are sold to the market.
  • – Buyer buys the sorted sponge and recycles it.
  • – Then sponge is compacted into a thick/dense brick.
  • – After that, these bricks are converted into pellets. 

Types of Sponge Crusher

In the market different types of sponge crusher machines are available. Some of them are given below:

  • – Sponge shredding machine
  • – Small sized sponge crusher or grinder
  • – Mattress sponge crushing machine

Cost benefit analysis

Efficient recycling system can save millions. The benefits of sponge crusher are excessively much. It not only provides a higher quality of the raw material but also decreases Production cost of new Products. The machine is a boon for foam recycling industries and is necessary to have. As it is available at affordable prices and is cost effective, it is the most recommended Product for the foam waste recycling industry.


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