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Soundproof Granulator Machine

Why you need a soundproof granulator?

Granulators can be either in soundproof type or normal type. It is obvious that soundproof granulators have much higher manufacturing cost. And hence the cost is much higher than that of normal type granulator. But still sometimes you need a soundproof granulator in your workshop. If the granulator is not a slow speed type and placed in your main production area, your worker may not be able to accept the noise level from granulator. In order to protect their hearing, it is necessary to replace it with a soundproof granulator if you have the financial budget. If your country has clear noise level regulation for workshop, you need to buy at least one soundproof granulator. This helps to make sure you can pass the regular safety checks and sound protection regulation.

The popular applications for soundproof granulator

Different type of soundproof granulators have their own ideal and popular applications. For example, slow speed granulators are ideal for crushing gates, crushed materials or small parts. Slow speed granulators are ideal for crushing hollow plastic materials such as plastic bottles, and other blow molding products such as auto parts and daily chemicals. Hard block granulator is ideal for crushing thick material of hard block materials.

Type of material feeding method

You can choose from manual feeding, robot feeding and conveyor feeding.

Type of material collection method

Fan upper blowing type, proportional control type and pneumatic loading type are optional. Fan upper blowing type is that crushed materials are blown into the triangle recovery device through the fan and then mix them with new materials proportionally. Proportional control type is that crushed materials are inhaled into the machine table or the barrel by the vacuum suction machine through new and old material proportional valve. Pneumatic loading type is to use a pneumatic feeder to feed crushed materials into the machine or the drum through compressed air.

PROSINO soundproof granulator

PROSINO brand provides granulators with soundproofing or without in order to fit different kind of customers requirements. Soundproof granulators offers quiet operation environment so that operator can release from the unacceptable noise. Contact PROSINO team for your ideal sound protection granulator today.

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