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Single Axis Shredder Machine

What is single axis shredder?

Single axis shredder actually is another name for single ram shredder or single rotor shredder. It refers to a shredder that only has one rotating rotor. Single axis shredding machine is a very versatile shredder that can handle various solid waste, including hard objects and soft objects, solid objects and hard objects, industrial objects and household objects, etc. A single axis shredding machine adopts the principle of shaving objects from the surficial to the deep by the high-speed cutting rotor, very efficient. Hence, even very thick material doesn’t easily get stuck inside the shredding chamber. The disadvantage of single axis shredding machine is that it makes bigger noise during shredding process comparing to shearing-type shredder due to its high-speed operation.

What specific materials can single axis shredders handle?

The application of such single axis shredding machine is wide, including:

– Paper products: white paper, cardboard, cartons, kraft paper, paper boards, paper bags, books, magazines, and so on.

– Plastic products: PET bottles, HDPE container, plastic drums, plastic pipes and tubes, extrusion purgings, injection runners, PP woven bags, fish net, and so on.

– Rubber products: small tyres, seal rings, rubber cushions, sandles, rubber pipes, rubber kitchen ware, and so on
– Textile products: clothing, curtains, home textile, fabric, and so on.

Due to so wide application, single axis shredding machine becomes one of the most popular types of shredder nowadays. A lot of manufacture plants own a single axis shredding machine to destroy the daily production waste to optimize storage space and make the waste more valuable.

How big the output shred will be through a single axis shredder?

Single axis shredders have a screen mesh underneath the material outlet to control output material size. Screen mesh size is variable, depending on buyer’s specific need. Normally the screen mesh size is ranging from 2cm to 10cm. If you want to make fine particles or even powder, you need to go for a granulator but not a single axis shredding machine, or you can use a granulator to further process the material coming from the shredder.

PROSINO single axis shredders are indeed quite durable and user friendly. Our aftersales team is also very reliable. If you have any shredding requirement, you can view our wide range of products hereby or just contact us direct machine recommendation.

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