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Sinoshredder Blog is a discussion or information site for waste recycling world especially for shredding machines and granulating machines. Prosino Shredder as a shredder manufacturer pioneer affords shredders and granulators for different waste material shredding requirements. This shredder blog aims to share our all kinds of size reduction solutions for waste recycling world. Share or comment your ideas with our size reduction machines from here.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) soap containers are containers made from a durable and versatile type of plastic known as HDPE. These containers are commonly used to store and dispense various liquid soap products such as hand soaps, body washes, shampoos, and conditioners. HDPE is a popular choice for soap containers due to its excellent resistance to […]
Nitrile gloves are a type of disposable gloves made from synthetic rubber and are widely used in various industries as a protective measure against harmful substances and pathogens. They are commonly used in medical settings, laboratories, and other industries where hand protection is needed. Nitrile gloves are known for their durability, puncture resistance, and resistance […]
In today’s world, businesses of all types generate a significant amount of waste on a daily basis, including packing bags and other types of packaging material. Not only does this waste take up valuable space, but it can also be a security risk if sensitive information is printed on the packaging. To solve these issues, […]
Exhibition carpet is a type of carpet used in trade shows, exhibitions, and other events to provide a comfortable and professional flooring solution. It is typically made of a dense, low-pile material that is durable and easy to clean. Exhibition carpet comes in a variety of colors and styles to suit different needs and preferences. […]
Beef bone crushers, also known as bone grinders or bone cutters, are machines used to grind animal bones into small pieces. These machines are commonly used in the meat processing industry to produce bone meal, which is used as a supplement for animal feed, fertilizer, or in the production of gelatin. How Do Beef Bone […]
Chipboard, also known as particleboard, is a type of engineered wood product that is made by compressing wood chips and resin together into flat, uniform panels. Chipboard is widely used in the furniture industry as an inexpensive alternative to solid wood. It is also commonly used in construction and packaging applications. While chipboard is a […]

Small Granulator03/04/2023

A small granulator is a machine that is used to granulate or shred various types of materials into smaller pieces or particles. The machine typically consists of a cutting rotor with sharp blades that rotate at high speeds, which breaks down the material into smaller pieces. The size of the final granules can be adjusted […]
Stiff foam, also known as expanded polystyrene foam or EPS foam, is a common material used in packaging, insulation, and construction. However, the disposal of stiff foam can be a challenge, as it is not easily biodegradable and can take up valuable landfill space. This is where a stiff foam shredder comes in, as it […]
Coconut husk is the fibrous outer layer of the coconut fruit, which is usually discarded after the coconut is harvested for its edible flesh and water. However, coconut husk has many potential uses, including as a source of fibers for various products such as mats, ropes, and brushes, as well as for horticultural and agricultural […]
Polypropylene (Polypro) and polyester felt are two types of non-woven fabrics made from synthetic fibers. They are lightweight, easy to work with, and can be made in a wide range of thicknesses and densities. Both polypropylene and polyester felt are versatile materials that can be used in a variety of applications. For example, polypro and […]
A mineral wool shredder is a machine that is designed to shred or crush mineral wool, which is a type of insulation material made from natural or synthetic minerals such as basalt or slag. The machine is typically used in industrial settings where large quantities of mineral wool waste are generated, such as construction sites […]
Yarn is a long, continuous length of fibers that are spun or twisted together. Yarn can be made from a variety of different materials, including wool, cotton, silk, linen, and synthetic fibers. It is a versatile and important material for many different textile arts, and it has been used for thousands of years to create […]
EVA foam is a lightweight and versatile material. It is commonly used in a wide range of applications, from footwear and sports equipment to packaging and insulation. However, the disposal of EVA foam can be a challenge, as it is not easily biodegradable and can take up valuable landfill space. This is where an EVA […]
Plastic profiles are those plastic components produced during the extrusion process. So they also referred to as plastic extrusions or plastic sections, and can be in a variety of configurations. They are widely used and across many sectors including construction, manufacturing, transport, retail and events. How to handle these scrap plastic profiles which are out […]
What is vulcanized rubber? Vulcanized rubber improves natural rubber’s properties through chemical process by hardening rubber’s elastomers in response to heat and sulfur. Compared to natural rubber, vulcanized rubber has higher tensile strength and resistance to swelling and abrasion. It can be elastic over a greater range of temperatures. So it has good applications in […]
There are two forms for PP film. One is CPP and the other is BOPP. BOPP is short for biaxially oriented polypropylene film. BOPP film is one of the most popular used plastic packaging materials due to its high tensile strength, transparency and moisture-proof properties. Can BOPP film be recycled? The answer is yes. BOPP […]
Quart size has 1 liter or 4.5 cups capacity. Quart size bottles can be 9 inches height* 4 inches length * 2.5 width and other sizes for same capacity. These plastic quart size oil bottles are recyclable material. They can be shredded and final particles can be conducted at blow molder for new plastic products […]
Shredder throughput is the key factor to determine which size of shredder suits you best. Also it contributes a lot to the investment return of purchasing a shredder. So it is quite important to know the throughput of your shredder and which will affect the throughput level. What affects your shredder throughput? The shredder throughput […]
How to deal with purgings from injection and blow molding processes? Actually these plastic purgings and cutoffs almost have same quality as new plastic raw materials. So proper recycling makes great sense. Size reduction of purgings is quite important process. Purgings shredder is the right size reduction machine to handle this essential task. PROSINO purgings […]
What are plastic laminating pouches? Plastic laminating pouches actually is a kind of protective covering which seals paper between two layer of plastic. This plastic surface is flexible and sturdy, so plastic laminating pouches have a very wide range of applications especially in food, packaging and printing industry. What are plastic laminating pouches made of? […]
In comparison with other plastic films, PET films have many good properties to well suit for a broad range of applications such as industrial, electronic and automotive applications. Because of its higher price relative to PVC film, PE film and PP film, it is excellent choice for some demanding applications. For example, you can find […]
What can a plastic drum shredder do?Plastic drums are hollow items and occupy a lot of space. There are various sizes of plastic drums. It has 5L, 10L, 20L, 40L and even 200L. After using out the products inside, the plastic drums become a waste. How to reduce the volume of the plastic drums? You […]
What is plastic container shredder?Plastic container shredder is for cutting various plastic containers into small pieces. This machine is very necessary for plastic reycling. Plastic containers are of various mateial including PVC/PET/PP/PS. And most of these material is transparent. They are of low density and light weight. Due to these features, we widely use plastic […]
What is diapers shredder?This machine is for cutting diapers into small pieces. It is a reycling equipment. Every day large volume of waste diapers comes from both babies and even some aldults. Hence, properly reycling those diapers is very important. Disposable diapers are very common hygiene products. Material for making diapers are mainly non-woven fabric, […]
What is carpet shredder?Carpet shredder is a crutial machine for reycling waste carpets. It’s funcion is shredding scrap carpets into small pieces so that reycling processes can proceed. Meanwhile, the reduced volume of scrap carpet makes transportation much less costly. For recycling carpets, shredding is a first step. Why we need to recycle carpet?As we […]
What is car roof lining Car roof lining refers to the ceiling board in cars. Design, color, and material of car roof lining varies by different models of car. However, a car roof lining shredder can handle all the different type of roof lining. The structure of car roof lining basically have three types: forming […]
What is injection sprue granulator?Injection sprue granulator is for cutting waste sprue into smaller granules. This kind of granulator normally works beside an injection machine. Once sprue is availble in the injection machine, Robot arm takes it out and place directly into a granulator. Thereafter, the plastic particles from the granulator will become good quality […]
What is shredding machine supplier?Shredding machine supplier is a manufacturer or distributor of shredding machines. Shredding machine is a very common industrial machine. It can be used in many fields such as textile industry, packing industry, recycling industry, etc.. How to choose a proper shredder supplier? According to applications, shredding machine supplier normally has plastic […]
What is agricultural netting shredder?Such shredder can crush waste net into smaller pieces. In daily life, we use agricultural netting as covers to protect the plants in fields. Because the fields usually are quite large, it consumes a lot of agricultural netting. Such machine can help in reducing the volume of bucky waste nets as […]
What is mini crusher? Mini crusher is a small crushing machine for reducing scarp material into small particles. We also call this type of machine mini granulator, small sized granulator, etc. It can crush waste material into small particles or flakes. The application of such small crusher is very wide. It can crush material like […]
Spools are round and can carry various type of wires such as electric cables, fiber optic cables and wire products. Generally speaking, spools can be made from wood, plywood, plastic and steel. Wooden spool is one of the popular spools to organize sewing threads, twine or cord. Also it is always available for a variety […]
Magnetic tape is a compact, economical means of recording medium. It preserves and reproduces different forms of information. You can play back the recording on tape and also these recordings can be easily erased. So such tape can be reused many times. When these magnetic tapes are out of service after years, most tapes eventually […]
What are bowling balls made of? Coverstock and Weight Block are two major parts of the bowling ball. Also there are four main type of source materials for coverstocks: plastic, urethane, reactive resin and particle(proactive). Different type materials are suited for different level players. How to dispose of old bowling balls? Reuse and recycling should […]
What are jumbo bags? Jumbo bags are also popular as FIBC(Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) bags, super sacks bags or bulk bags. They are quite suitable for the transportation or shipping of bulk products such as dry or flowable food and pharmaceutical items. This is because they are durable, lasting and economical. Even it is the […]
What are HDPE lumps? HDPE stands for high density polyethylene and has a plastic recycling code of 2. It is a tough, hard wearing plastic with high tensile strength. So it has wide applications in common consumer products such as pipes, crates, pallets, wheelie bins, bottles like milk and fruit juice bottles, garbage containers, snack […]
What is corrugated fiberboard? Liner and medium are two main components of the corrugated fiberboard. Linerboard is a flat material and most of it is on the outer surfaces of the board. Medium is the paper that is formed into arches or flutes between the linerboard facings. So corrugated fiberboard can be considered as a […]
What is polycarbonate sheet? Polycarbonate sheet is that a thermoplastic comes in a durable, transparent and sanitary sheet. It has many benefits or advantages which make it effective in versatile applications such as skylights, window glazing, sign faces, riot shields, enclosures, food processing, medical equipment, aerospace and exhibits and displays etc.. For example, chemical and […]
Why you need a soundproof granulator? Granulators can be either in soundproof type or normal type. It is obvious that soundproof granulators have much higher manufacturing cost. And hence the cost is much higher than that of normal type granulator. But still sometimes you need a soundproof granulator in your workshop. If the granulator is […]
Clothes recycling Clothes recycling is a part of textile recycling. Each year a lot of used clothes are waiting for disposal. Due to environment awareness and landfill pressure, it is necessary to sort them out for reuse or recycling. Various charities also contribute their efforts through used clothes collection programs. How to recycle used clothes? […]
What is PVB and PVB film? Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is a resin which actually is a clear, colorless and amorphous thermoplastic. It is from the condensation reaction of polyvinyl alcohol and butyraldehyde. Since it has excellent flexibility, UV resistance, film-forming and good adhesion properties, it is mostly available for applications that require strong binding, optical […]
There are a wide variety of plastic dye tubes available in the market. Because plastic dye tubes have high temperature resistance, high impact strength, high durability, high dimensional stability and high resistance to dyes and chemicals. Many of them are popular in textile industry and cosmetic packaging for mascara, hair dye or lip blam. Plastic […]
What is mute granulator? Compared to traditional granulator, mute granulators feature with its sound-proof or low noise level. That means the you will not feel be bothered when granulator is on operation. So operator also can be released from noisy operation to quiet operation. Mute granulators can be either in slow speed, medium speed or […]
What is injection molding crusher? Injection molding crusher is the important peripheral machine of injection molding machine. It crushes or granulates the plastic scraps from injection molding, blow molding and extrusion forming into particles for recycling purpose. So it can help to recycle the defective products and leftover materials produced by injection molding machines. It […]
What is single axis shredder? Single axis shredder actually is another name for single ram shredder or single rotor shredder. It refers to a shredder that only has one rotating rotor. Single axis shredding machine is a very versatile shredder that can handle various solid waste, including hard objects and soft objects, solid objects and […]
What is filament fiber? Fibers can be classified as either filament fibers or staple fibers. Filament fibers are long, continuous fibers, while staple fibers are non-continuous fiber of relatively short length. Natural fiber like silk or synthetic like Nylon belong to filament fibers. Filament fibers is an important element in the textile industry. Why shredding […]
What is purge lump? Plastic is one major raw material that is used through molding machines to form into many products like bottles, buckets, pens, caps, automotive dashboards, toys, chairs, tables, storage containers, tooth brushes and many other plastic products available today. From molding as well as other plastic processing industries, a large quantity of […]
Double axis shredder is also popular as dual axis shredder or two axis shredder. It features with two rotor shafts and is one of the most useful shredding machine applied in different industry activities. It shares similar technology such drives, cutting technology, feeding system and control system with single axis shredder. But they have different […]
What is a scrap grinder?  Scrap grinder also popular as scrap grinding machine, is a piece of equipment for grinding various scraps into small and uniform particle sizes. With the increase of environmental protection consciousness and development of recycling industry, scrap grinding machine now plays an important role in many applications such as paper, cardboard, […]
Why shredding waste tires?  Waste tires (tyres) present environmental, health and safety hazards. So the proper management of waste tires has been a major environmental concern for decades. Due to their large volume and high void space, if we dump waste tires directly into landfill, they will quickly consume precious landfill space. Over the past […]
What is PA scrap? PA scrap refers to used polyamides. Polyamides are made from polycondensation of diacid with a diamine or by ring-opening polymerization of lactams with 6, 11 or 12 carbon atoms. There are different type of PA scrap but PA6 and PA66 are the most widely used polyamides globally. These PA scrap has different […]
What is an inhouse granulator? Granulator is a size reduction machine for granulating various materials into small and uniform particle size. Granulator not only can be used as a standalone equipment, but also used as a for secondary size reduction after primary granulation by shredders. An in-house granulator is a granulator from the waste generation […]
What is industrial cardboard shredding machine? Cardboard waste can be cardboard rolls or corrugated cartons from packaging industries, cosmetic industries, food industries, electronic industries and medicine industries etc. Actually these cardboard waste are valuable materials for waste processing and recycling. Industrial cardboard shredding machine can efficiently shred cardboard waste and reduce the volume for easy […]
What is injection molding material?  Injection molding is a manufacturing process that forms liquid or pliable raw material into usable shaped parts. Plastic is one major raw material that is used through injection molding machines to form into many products such as bottles, buckets, pens, caps, automotive dashboards, toys, chairs, tables, storage containers, tooth brushes […]
Basic introduction of tree branch crusher Tree branches take too much space. So it is very necessary to find a way to reduce the volume so as to reduce the transportation cost as well as making it easier to handle. Tree branch crusher is the right equipment to serve this particular purpose. The cutting system […]
What is a two rotor shredder?  Shredder is a piece of heavy duty equipment to roughly reduce big sized industrial waste/scrap material into smaller sizes. Normally this shredding process is prior to granulating or other further handling process. Categorized by the different types of cutting systems adopted, there are single rotor shredder, two rotor shredder […]
Waste grinder is a size reduction machine to grind all kinds of waste materials into pieces or small particles. Different waste material has different final size requirements per each industry’s processing purpose. Although food waste grinding machine has a good market, but here we focus on discussing the industrial waste grinding machine which covers a […]
Why shredding plastic waste?  Plastic products are everywhere in our daily life. Like bottles, buckets, pens, caps, automotive dashboards, toys, chairs, tables, storage containers, tooth brushes, plastic bags, plastic films and many other plastic products, plastic products bring great convenience to our daily life. But improper disposal of waste plastic produces harm to the environment […]
What is particle board?  Particle board, also referred to as particleboard and chipboard. It is a type of engineered timber product made from small particles of wood such as chips, flakes, shavings, or even sawdust. These wood fragments are tightly compressed mechanically into sheet form and then further bonded together with resin. Due to its […]
What is tipping foil?  Tipping foil is a popular material for enhancing various plastic cards, such as credit cards, VIP cards, bank cards, club cards, membership cards, gift cards etc. The metallic foil is fixed on the card’s embossed characters, which helps bring out the embossed characters. This results in clearer alphanumeric characters that are […]
What is waste wood crusher? Waste wood crusher is the size reduction machine to crush wood logs, branches and other stalks into smaller sizes or even sawdust or wood chips. There are different kind of power generation for wood crushing. You can see electric wood crusher, diesel wood crusher and hydraulic wood crusher in the […]
XPS board shredder is short for “extruded-polystyrene board shredder”. XPS board is a kind of insulation board which people widely use as construction material for applying on roof and floor. Old XPS boards are recyclable. Through the processes of melting and reforming, recycling plants can convert waste XPS boards into polystyrene granules as raw material […]
What is biomedical waste?  Biomedical waste refers to any kind of waste containing infectious, or potentially infectious materials. Also biomedical wastes mainly come from health care facilities like hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, physician’s offices, nursing homes, blood bank and collection centers etc. Improper management of biomedical waste brings potential danger of getting infected or injured […]
Single-use of plastic packaging materials are boosted during this novel coronavirus pandemic all over the world. Waste generation is in a increasing trend. If we do not have any action about it, these plastic will mix with organic waste and contaminate food worldwide as well as accelerating global warming. So waste recycling is quite important […]
What is polycarbonate?  Polycarbonate, widely known as PC, is a thermoplastic polymer. It has high impact strength, high dimensional stability, and good electrical properties amongst other plastics. Thanks to these attributes, polycarbonate has a wide application in making compact disc, safety helmets, bullet-proof glass, car headlamp lenses, baby feeding bottles, roofing and glazing etc. Why […]
What is a paper mill shredder? A paper mill shredder refers to a shredder that a paper mill needs to shred waste paper. Paper mills collect large quantity of waste paper for recycling and converting into new paper. These waste paper includes white paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper, newspaper, etc. The majority of waste paper […]
What is felt?  Felt is a textile material made by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together. People can either use natural fibers or use synthetic fiber to produce felt. Felt has a wide application including filter, insulation, toy, musical instrument, craft, noise control material, packing material, garment, construction etc. A waste felt shredder is a […]

Shredding System03/08/2020

What is a shredding system?  Shredders and granulators are equipment that reduce the size of almost all kinds of different materials. It takes in big sized materials and cut them into smaller manageable sizes. Shredders and granulators play a very important role in today’ waste management and recycling industry, as well as security protection and […]
What can a cardboard box crusher do? Cardboard box, also called carton, is one the most important packaging material in our daily life. It is very popular with product manufacturers who use it to pack wide range of products which are not so heavy. After consumers take out the products out of the cartons, the […]
What is plastic waste grinding machine? Plastic waste grinding machine aims to reduce different shape of plastic scrap into plastic granules which can be 6-10mm in size usually. These plastic granules can be either manually or automatic transferred into collection box/bag or other extraction and collection system. The blades made of high-resistant steel ensure the […]
What are Industrial Shredders? By comparing with household shredders, industrial shredders can handle not only general soft waste like carton and plastic bottles from household disposing, but can also handle tough and hard material from the manufacturing or production processes. Simply speaking, industrial shredder is for industrial application, but not for consumer or agricultural application. […]
What is an industrial waste grinder?  Industrial waste grinder is a piece of equipment for grinding various industrial wastes into small and uniform particle sizes. With the increase of environmental protection consciousness and development of recycling industry, industrial grinder now plays an important role in many applications such as paper, cardboard, biomass, wood, tire, plastic, […]
What is palm fiber?  Palm trees grow throughout tropical and subtropical zones around the world. Palm fiber is a by-product from the palm trees. Also palm fiber has a high content of lignin and low content of cellulose. It is resilient, strong and durable, so it is widely popular in our daily life. Palm fiber […]
What does a paper rolls shredder do?  In paper milling plants, it generates considerable amount of scrap paper rolls which actually are the defective raw paper. These paper rolls usually are of big sizes like more than 0.5m in diameter, and more than 1.0 m in length. After recycling, the paper rolls can turn to […]
Rags exist everywhere. Some are of cotton material, and some are of polyester material. Recycling rags and convert them into fiber is quite a beneficial activity. Cotton rags after recycling will turn to cotton fiber, while polyester rags after recycling will turn to synthetic fiber. These raw fibers become raw material again and plants can […]
What is a biaxial crusher?  Biaxial crusher is a piece of equipment for reducing big sized waste material into smaller sizes. As the name indicates, biaxial crushing machine has two counter rotary cutting shafts that rotate into each other at low speed under high torque. There are hooks on the shear blades which grab the […]
There are different kind of wood waste source such as beech, chipboard, MDF, oak hardwood, pine cones, plywood etc. They are invaluable material, but they can be sustainable resource if we recycle them in the right way. Size reduction is one of the most important process during whole wood waste recycling. So a suitable wood […]
What is hydraulic shredder? We usually call a single shaft shredder as hydraulic shredder. Because single shaft shredders usually have hydraulic system that pushes the material close the cutting rotor. The hydraulic system drives the ram trolley of the shredder. With the control of the hydraulic system, the ram trolley can travel forward and backward […]
What is shredder?  Shredder is a piece of equipment that reduces the size of almost all kinds of different materials. It takes in big sized materials and shed them into smaller manageable sizes. Shredder plays a very important role in today’ waste management and recycling industry, as well as security protection and more. Its applications […]
What is pharmaceutical waste?  Pharmaceutical waste refers to the waste materials from hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, physician’s offices, nursing homes, blood bank and collection centers etc. Improper management of pharmaceutical waste brings potential danger of getting infected or injured to health care facility staff, patients, waste handler and even the general public. It might also […]
In the cases that you need to shred large volume of material daily or shredding very tough material, you need to use a heavy duty shredding machine. Light models of shredders definitely are not powerful enough for such application. Then a heavy duty shredder normally is used in specialized recycling plants that need to break […]
What is post-consumer plastic waste?  Plastic products exist in our everyday life, from plastic bottles and containers to plastic film and bags. After using, all these items become post-consumer plastic waste. Plastic products great convenience to our life. But improper disposal of post-consumer plastic waste brings harm to the environment because plastic is not biodegradable. […]
Oil seals can be made of a few types of rubber material, mainly nitrile rubber, fluoro rubber, and silicone rubber. Different types of rubber differ in the heat resistance, cold endurance, oil resistance, abrasive resistance, etc.. So knowing the characteristic of the oil that the seals will contact is important for choosing a correct type […]
Why and where do we use plastic pipes?  Compared to traditional metal pipe and cement pipe, plastic pipe has many advantages. For example, energy saving, less water loss, anti-corrosion, lower cost, simple construction and maintenance. We use plastic pipes widely in building water supply and drainage system, city gas supply, heat supply, electricity and cable […]
Nonwoven fabric is very widely available in our daily life as well as in many industries. We can use it to make clothes lining, shopping bags, filter layer for medical products, agricultural heat preservation & protection products, so on and so forth. In China, the majority of nonwoven fabric uses polypropylene (PP) as its main […]
What is copper wire?  Copper wire is widely popular in our daily life. From electric wire, power wire to communication wire and data wire, you can find it easily. But accumulation of abandoned copper wire post potential fire hazard which can bring harmful effects on nature and human beings. A specialist field of copper wire […]
What is pine wood?  Pine wood is a frequently used material in the construction of furniture, cabinetry, window frames, paneling, floors and roofing etc. Pine wood is more durable than other woods that are of equal cost. It is a low cost, lightweight wood, and it takes paint well. Pine develops a nice, rustic patina […]
What is medical waste?  Medical waste refers to all types of waste materials generated at health care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, physician’s offices, nursing homes, blood bank and collection centers etc. Improper management of medical waste brings potential danger of getting infected or injured to health care facility staff, patients, waste handler […]
Why use wood box shredder?  Wood boxes are usually in large volume that takes up big storage and transport space. And thus recycling it becomes very costly if the size is not reduced at the first step. In the past, people used to mix the waste wood box together with urban waste, use compactor to […]
What is TPE? Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is a type of thermoplastic polymer. TPE has similar properties and performance as rubber. It is sometimes popular as thermoplastic rubber, but actually its processing is similar as plastic and is recyclable. TPEs are soft and flexible materials, they can repeatedly stretch to at least twice their size and […]
Palm kernel shell (PKS) is a by-product of the palm oil industry. Palm Kernel Shell is a renewable energy and it can be regenerated through plant photosynthesis. The source of palm kernel shell is the palm tree. The palm tree is with short growth cycle, fast recovery and fast circulation, which is long-term reliable and […]
Million tons of glass is generated as municipal waste each year and about one fourth of glass can be recycled and the rest go to landfill. Waste glass recycling helps to save energy for generating new glass. Glass crusher is the size reduction machine which aims to crush various waste glass in form of glass […]
What is empty fruit bunch? Empty fruit bunch, also known as EFB is a waste product generated during the extraction process of palm oil from oil palm fruit. In a typical palm oil mill, almost 70% of the fresh fruit bunches end up as wastes in the form of empty fruit bunches, fibers and shells. By […]
When you drink a cup of coffee, the disposable coffee cup disposal problem is coming. Then paper sleeve and plastic lid are waiting for disposal or recycling. What are plastic coffee cup lids made of? This question also answers whether plastic coffee cup lids are recyclable or not. It depends on the plastic type. How […]
What is gasket? Gasket is an elastomeric part which covers the intersection between two surfaces. Gaskets can be made from a variety of different materials, but the dominant raw material for gasket is rubber. The application of gaskets includes sealing, anti-vibration, packaging, hygiene, noise and sound reduction. Gasket is a very common component, so they […]
The plastic stadium seats are specially used in the auditorium of the stadium and song and dance theater. Distinguished from the production process, we can divide the plastic stadium seats into injection molding seats and blow molding seats. Distinguished from the mode of installation, we have fixed stadium seats and mobile stadium seats. When large […]
What is LCP plastic circular block? LCP is the short name for Liquid Crystal Polymer. It is a new type of high performance special engineering plastics which developed in the early 1980s. This kind of material has excellent heat resistance and molding properties. LCP also has excellent electrical insulation performance. Its dielectric strength is higher […]
What is drip irrigation pipe or tube? Drip irrigation is an irrigation system that allows water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, either onto the soil surface or buried below the soil surface. Such system works through a network of valves, pipes, tubing, and emitters. Drip irrigation can effectively saves water and fertilizer […]
What is polyester fabric? Polyester fabric comes from petroleum. It is one of the world’s most popular textiles. Polyester fabric is often blended with cotton or other natural fiber in apparel. Blending polyester fabric in apparel not only reduce production cost, but also improves the shrinkage, durability, and wrinkling profile of the natural fiber. Polyester […]
What is Solar Panel? Solar panels are specialized devices for absorbing the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity or heat. Also solar power is now the fastest-growing energy source in the world. About 500,000 solar panels were installed worldwide every day. The design life of a solar panel is approximately 30 years, it is […]
In most cases, mannequins are molded in either fiberglass or plastic and normally they hold up well for the use in many years. Fiberglass mannequins are molded in fiberglass construction and also they are easy to assemble. These mannequins are realistic, flexible and durable. The designs of these mannequins are fashionable up to date. Male […]
What is small scale granulator? Small scale granulator is the machine especially for reducing the size of small amount of materials like plastic, paper, cardboard, fiberglass, rubber, etc. It is an essential machine in the recycling world especially for small scale recycling business. Because this kind of small granulator is with the features of small […]
All we know that plastic straws are not biodegradable. So it becomes a big environmental problem when a lot of plastic straws end up in landfills and pollute the environment. How can we recycle plastic straws and dispose of them properly? Recycling plastic straws is a good solution. And plastic straw shredder machines are the […]
Sack bags are rectangular-shaped bags. They are made from various material like plastic, paper, leather, non-woven fabric, cloth, fur, etc. Based on the application of sack bags, we have key sack bags, change sack bags, hand sack bags, carry sack bags, tote sack bags, etc. We normally use them to store our personal belongings in […]
Recycling rubber especially recycling scrap tires can provide crumb rubber for a variety of applications. During the whole rubber recycling process, the size reduction is the very important and necessary process. Rubber shredder and rubber granulator work together to produce big scrap rubber products into uniform cut and high quality granules. For some simple rubber […]
Plastic basket is a common daily necessity and mainly used for holding items, such as fruits, vegetables, clothes, toys, etc. It can be used to receive the scattered articles in our daily life because it can make the dimensional utilization rate higher and the space neater. It can also be used for transportation for improving […]
Cables are widely used in our daily life, from electric cable, power cable to communication cable and data cable. Most cables consist of a metal conductor inner housed in a plastic insulation, and the most common metals used in cable is copper. But why we need to recycle copper cable and how to recycle them? […]
PP strap or PP packing strap is short for Polypropylene strapping. It is the most common and popular plastic strapping band together with PET strap. Although PET strap has better quality, but PP strap is more cost effective in the price. Also PP packing strap has some good properties such as tensile strength, elasticity and […]
The raw materials of glass bottles are sand, limestone, soda ash, cullet as well as various additives. The glass bottles can vary in different sizes and most of them are ranging between about 200 millilitres and 1.5 litres. They have wide applications in food condiments, soda liquor, cosmetics, pickling and preservatives etc. But when these […]
There are a variety of materials which can be available for producing mannequins. Fiberglass and plastic(such as polystyrene) are the primary materials nowadays. Either fiberglass mannequins or plastic mannequins has their own advantages and disadvantages. From the appearance point of view, fiberglass mannequins looks more impressive and realistic. But price of plastic mannequins is a […]
Timber pallets play the important role in the goods movement and storage worldwide. But when timber pallets are at end of their life and become scraps, how to properly dispose of them in an environmental and economical way? The size reduction of timber pallets is necessary. So a timber pallet shredder will be the good […]
What is tyre shredding machine? Tyre shredding machine covers those size reduction machines which can crush scrap tyres from cars, trucks, aircraft and agricultural to off-the-road and mining equipment etc. The typical tyre shredder is double shaft shredder. The granulator can be available for further size reduction after shredding. Double shaft shredder normally is applicable […]
Clothes hangers can be in a number of different materials. But the most common materials are metal wire, plastic and wood. All of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to functionality, longevity and sustainability. Also different material retail clothes hangers have their own recycling solutions. How to recycle retail clothes hangers? […]
Plastic waste poses a significant ecological challenge to the earth. Landfill should be the last choice because more and more sustainable solutions are available to reduce the plastic waste landfill as much as possible. 3D printing filament grinder is the important size reduction machine to achieve 3D printing filament recycling in an environmental friendly way. […]
Slipper can be in either plastic or rubber in the market. Plastic slipper is one kind of plastic shoes. Nowadays recycled shoes are more and more encouraged. If plastic slipper is made from recycled plastic, it really helps to keep plastic out of the ocean and landfill. When it comes to plastic slipper recycling, a […]
People may not realize that older air conditioners consume much more electricity (2 to 4 times) than today’s newer, higher efficient models. Replacing an old air conditioner can help you save much on electricity bills. The thrown away air conditioners not only take up large space in landfills, but also the refrigerant in older air […]
Polystyrene is a hard and solid plastic and it has versatile applications. Also it can have  much wider applications after combining with various colorants, additives or other plastics. For example, polystyrene appliances, polystyrene automotive, polystyrene electronics, polystyrene foodservice, polystyrene insulation, polystyrene medical, polystyrene packaging, toys, roadway, gardening pots and equipment etc. Expanded polystyrene(EPS) or extruded […]
Plastic reels have various designs and are available in a wide range of sizes, so they are suitable for a variety of applications. For example, you can see plastic reels in welding wire reels, delivery spools, pakspools, large pakspools, flat faced hybrid pakspools, 3D printer spools, medical tubing reels, composite reels, plastic tube reels, plastic […]
You can see many different design motorcycle helmets in our daily life. For example, full face design, motocross and off-road design, modular or ‘flip-up’ design, open face or 3/4 helmet design, half helmet design, and novelty helmet design. The primary purpose of the helmet is to keep motorcycle riders’ safety and reduce the head injury. […]
Plastic has various elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine and sulfur. Also it has high molecular weight. So plastic components or accessories have very wide applications in all kinds of industries and products. From freezing cold to extreme heat, plastic products can deliver optimal results. For example, plastic for TV cabinets, Vacuums, Blenders, […]
What is plastic film crusher? Simply, it is an important recycling machine to crush waste plastic films into small pieces for easy handling in following process. PE plastic films or PP plastic film are main recycling materials. Others can be LD, HD, PS or BOPP film. The plastic film crushing machine can greatly improve the […]
Plastic bottle granulator is also popular as plastic bottle grinder or crusher. It aims to cut whole plastic bottles into small particles. If it is PET bottles, you can throw PET bottles into the machine and then get PET flakes. So it is an important size reduction machine in whole PET bottle recycling line. A […]
Plastic crushing is one of the most important process in whole waste plastic recycling process. The size reduction of plastic scrap brings convenience to subsequent recycling process until the plastic pellets are produced into new plastic products. Plastic baling, cutting and crushing are all size reduction solutions. But they are quite different machines. Since plastic […]
Water tanks are different shapes and sizes containers for storing water purpose. The raw materials of tanks are in various materials such as plastics, concrete, stone, fiberglass, and steel etc. So these tanks have very wide applications in many industries such as drinking water, food preparation, plants and livestock, irrigation agriculture and agricultural farming, fire […]
Cement sacks have three main components which are virgin material, masterbatch and UV coating. Virgin material can be either paper or plastic. Both paper cement sacks and plastic cement sacks have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, paper cement sacks normally have lower cost but higher filling speed. However, plastic cement sacks have advantage […]
LDPE film is a thin sheet of plastic material available for wrapping or covering things. It has wide applications in our daily life. LDPE film products include shopping bags, garment bag, food bag/wrap, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, shrink wrap, paper towel and toilet paper overwrap, airpacks (from shipped packages), agricultural covering film etc. So why […]
Air cushion is one kind of soft plastics or film plastics. It is also popular as air pillow and actually you can easily understand it as inflated plastic bag. It is very good to secure goods during the transportation, because people often use the inflated cushion things to fill out the box when they need […]

Foam Sheet Grinder22/10/2019

Foam recycling is quite common in waste recycling world and it is in an increasing trend. Collected foam has many good solutions in our daily life. For example, it can be transformed to rulers, pens and picture frames etc. Foam sheet is one kind of foam shape. The foam sheet can be used in a […]
Dual shear shredder is also popular as two shear shredder, twin shear shredder, dual shaft shredder, and two rotor shredder etc. This kind of shredder is a low speed but high torque two shaft shredder. It has two rotors and can efficiently process most difficult materials to variable particle sizes. For example, scrap tyre, metal […]
What is plastic sheet crusher? Plastic sheet crusher is the size reduction machine that used in plastic sheet recycling business to crush the plastic sheets for recycling purpose. Plastic sheets are the products which are made of plastic materials like PET, PP, HDPE, PC, PA, etc. The plastic sheets normally are shiny, partially transparent or […]
Nowadays we are facing big plastic pollution which already become a worldwide issue. How to reduce the growing mountain of plastic in landfills? Plastic blocks refer to injection molded blocks and other blocks in plastic. Normally they are hard and have different shapes. How to recycle or reuse them to reduce the environmental impact of […]
What is PVC pipe crusher? As we all know that, PVC pipe is one kinds of the white plastic pipes. We normally use the PVC pipe for plumbing and drainage. The PVC pipe crusher is the size reduction machine available to shred the PVC pipe for recycling purpose. Because this crusher can crush the PVC […]
What is IBC tank shredder? IBC tank shredder is a size reduction machine available for shredding the IBC tank. It normally is heavy duty machine with very big motor power and gearbox. This is due to the features of IBC tank such as the size of the IBC tank, the raw material of the IBC […]
Tyre tube refers to the inner rubber tube which contains air and is inside the tyre such as car tyre, bicycle tyre, or truck tyre. When whole tyre is end of life or becomes a scrap, tyre tube also become a scrap. So tyre tube normally joins the whole tyre recycling process for new rubber […]
What is industrial wood shredder? Industrial wood shredder is the shredding machine which can crush all kinds of wood materials in industrial area. As we all know that, the application of industrial wood shredding machine is very different from agricultural and horticultural shredder. The agricultural and horticultural shredder is available especially for shredding the garden […]
E-waste scrap can be from the end of life products with a cord, power or battery. When it comes to the E-waste recycling, a complete solution of all electrical and electronic equipment plays critical role to improve the recycling efficiency. Electronics shredding machine is one of the essential size reduction equipment in whole recycling process. […]
Complete size reduction of hemp can be the reduction in stalks, roots and bulbs. The main purpose of shredding hemp is to extract cannabidiol (CBD) oils. Of course, the extraction of CBD from hemp can be achieved through a wide variety of methods. But the first critical step is the sourcing and preparation of the […]
What is PVC crusher? PVC crusher is the shredder machine available to crush the various kinds of materials which made of PVC. This machine is a very common crusher which been widely used in PVC recycle business. The PVC crusher help us to crush the material into small pieces and get them ready for the […]
Pallet is the structural foundation of a unit load that allows handling and storage easier. We often put a pallet under the goods or packages for easy loading, unloading and movement. So equipment such as forklift trucks of different sizes, pallet jack, front loader, jacking device, erect crane or even hand-pumped and hand-drawn pallet jacks […]
What is polyethylene tanks shredder? Polyethylene tanks shredder is a shredding machine to crush polyethylene tanks into much smaller pieces for easy handling and process. These polyethylene tanks, also popular as poly tanks, have wide applications in many areas such as farms, restaurants, factories, etc. And you can get them very easily from many suppliers […]
PET flakes granulator is also popular as PET flakes crusher or PET flakes grinder. It is a size reduction machine to optimize the PET bottles recycling line. Also it works with conveyors, washing equipment and drying equipment to achieve final clean PET flakes. During whole recycling process, this granulator aims to cut PET bottles into […]

Bin Tipper30/08/2019

What is a bin tipper?  A bin tipper, also called as cart dumper, trash can dumper, garbage can dumper, bin lifter is a piece of equipment which lifts, inverts and empties bins. Operator puts a full bin onto the tipping cradle, then presses button to begin the tipping motion. With the lifting and tipping process, […]
What is glass wool?  Glass wool is an insulation material made of thin glass fibers woven together. It is also popular as fiberglass. Since the texture is similar to wool so we call it as glass wool. Glass wool is water and fire resistant. Also it is good at absorbing sound and excellent at keeping […]
Bone crusher is a crushing machine to crush animal bones into smaller sizes for easy animal feeding. So it is also popular as animal bone crusher. For example, cow bone crusher is the typical animal bone crushing machine and it has a good market for animal food. Also cow bone is hard enough to challenge […]
Runner is the channel cut into the mold. So it can allow plastic material to flow from nozzle to cavity. It has great impact on part formation. Hot runners and cold runners are two main type of runner systems. Plastic runner here refers to cold runner which are cut along the parting line of a […]
What is PC water bottle granulator for? PC water bottle granulator is the size reduction machine available to crush the PC water bottles. It can make the PC water bottles into very small sized granulates like 6mm, 10mm, etc. As we all know that, nowadays the plastic pollution has seriously threatened the living environment of […]
PET bottles can be in different sizes and shapes for various applications. This is because PET(polyethylene terephthalate) is a high gloss, crack-resistant transparent plastic which creates a good barrier to moisture and gas. The shapes of PET bottles can be boston rounds, cosmo rounds, pharmaceutical rounds, cylinder, ovals as well as wide mouth jar. Of […]
Bubble wrap is a kind of plastic quickly packaging material in sheets which contain numerous small air cushions. These air cushions design aims to protect fragile or sensitive goods. The bubbles are generally available in different sizes. The size of the object being packed as well as the level of cushioning protection that is needed […]
What is fiber glass foil crusher? Fiber glass foil is one kind of the heat and coldness preservation, soundproofing material. It is widely available for heat insulation of various hot and cold pipelines, and hidden and exposed pipelines. So it is a popular recommendation for heat insulation of pipelines in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, […]
What is plastic film granulator? Plastic film granulator is the machine that use to crush the plastic films. Compared with other normal granualtors, plastic film granulators normally equip with air extraction & collection system. This is because the weight of plastic film is very light. When we feed the plastic films into the granulator for […]
What are the uses of plastic spoons?  You can find plastic spoons widely used in the daily life. From cafeterias, restaurants, grocery, convenience stores, airplanes, to trains, nearly any commercial establishment that offers food will find place of plastic spoons. With the affordability and convenience of plastic spoons, they are also very popular for larger […]
Plastic lumps are widely available in molding products and plastic processing industry. They come from white pali, pp bags as well as raffia bags etc. Also it is very hard and not easy for further processing without size reduction. So plastic lumps shredder machines are the ideal solution to shred hard plastic lumps into small […]
What is plastic cap shredder? Plastic cap shredder or granulator is the kind of size reduction machine which can crush plastic caps into much smaller pieces. Since plastic caps are used for packaging plastic bottles, it is one of a very common plastic waste in our daily life. Crushing the plastic caps into smaller size […]
What is a tire shredder? Tire shredder is a size reduction machine which aims to shred old tires into a much smaller pieces. Normally it is composed of motor, rotary knife shaft, fixed and rotary knives, hard tooth surface reducer, frame, and box body etc. Since scrap tires are with high rebound force, tire shredding […]
What is an industrial shredding machine? Industrial shredding machine is a piece of heavy duty equipment available for roughly reducing big size industrial waste/scrap material into smaller sizes. Normally this machine is prior to granulating or other further handling process. With the increase of environmental protection consciousness and development of recycling industry, shredding machine now […]
Heavy duty shredder here refers to heavy duty industrial shredder machine instead of common office paper shredder. We talk about the large amount of shredding function in different industry’s applications. Heavy duty shredders have their own benefits on the capacity and the ability to bring more efficient recycling machines or transportation systems to complete a […]
Recycling is environmentally friendly solution to prevent hazardous waste from entering atmosphere, waterway or landfill. Also it is a resource saving action to recover many valuable sources for secondary raw materials. Computer scrap has many materials which are available for recycling or reuse. For example, computer components often contain tin, silicon, iron, aluminum, gold, copper, […]
PVC is short for polyvinyl chloride and it is one of the most widely used polymers in the world. PVC pipes are common PVC products in plastic industry. But how to dispose of used PVC pipes? Recycling, incineration and burial methods are three main solutions. Also PVC pipe recycling is very common for PVC industry […]
Why we need a leather shredder machine? Leather is the material which we obtained from animal skins and hides. The most common type of leather we can find on the market is the cow leather, pig leather, and sheep leather etc.. Leather is widely used in our daily life due to its characteristic of durable […]
This PS-C-M-L series mini granulator features with its triangle blades. Compared to the traditional chop type blades, the triangle blade can more easily catch smooth & big or soft & stretching items, such as plastic bottles and containers, soft plastic bags, films, and tinfoil etc. contributed to the three sharp angles on each blade. For […]
What is an inhouse shredder? Shredder is a piece of equipment to reduce the size of various materials. For example, paper, cardboard, biomass, wood, tire, plastic, metal, textile etc. Also it plays an important role in many applications including transportation, storage, manufacturing, recycling, waste management, security/ privacy protection and more. An inhouse shredder is a […]
What are waste baskets? Waste baskets are containers for temporarily storing waste. They come in different sizes from small to big, and they have wide applications in our daily life. Generally speaking, there are two main types of waste basket, metal ones and plastic ones. Due to the properties of light weight, high strength, impact […]
Almost half the plastic only have one time use. Because they are thrown away immediately after single use. Since most plastic waste is not easily degradable, this increases the landfill land which is a big concern in the world. Plastic waste recycling becomes one of the best solution to solve this problem. As one of […]
What is PVC membrane shredder? PVC membrane shredder is the kind of shredder which used for shredding the material like PVC membrane. As we all know that, PVC membrane are suitable for use on a wide range of roofing applications. It includes specialist installations such as simulated metal roofs. PVC membrane is also designed for […]
According to the UN report, the annual value of global E-scrap is over 62.5 billion US dollars which is more than the GDP of most countries. In 2017 the global electronic and electrical scrap is over 44 million tonnes. Only less than 20% of the E-scrap is formally recycled and the rest are either in […]
Why should we recycle polybags?  Poly bags are widely used in our daily life. We use them to protect goods from dirt, dust, and moisture. Surely polybags bring great convenience to our life, but improper disposal of waste plastic film produces harm to the environment, which is widely known as “White Pollution”. White pollution not […]
What is PETG plastic? PETG is the abbreviation of Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol. It has the same chemical composition as PET plastic but with the addition of glycol. PETG is less brittle than PET, it also has a softer and more pliable exterior surface than PET. Although lightweight, PETG material has high impact strength. It has excellent […]
HDPE shredder machine is a size reduction machine for HDPE materials. HDPE is the abbreviation for High-Density Polyethylene. It is one of the most commonly materials in today’s manufacturing industry owing to below advantageous properties. – HDPE has high strength-to-density ratio compared with other polymers. But it is light with a high tensile strength. – […]
What is plastic crusher machine and why we need it? As you know that, in plastic recycling process , you always need to get the small pieces/particles of plastic first and then go for the further steps like washing, drying, decontaminating, pelleting etc. Plastic crusher machine is the kind of machine that can crush the […]
Plastic plate is good recyclable material and many curbside recycling programs accept them along with other types of plastic. Plastic plates can be from food packaging or industrial purpose. Anyhow, plastic plate recycling is the best solution for both economic benefits and environmental benefits. We want to waste less and dispose of the rest in […]
Filter Press Membrane Plate has more advantages over conventional one. For example, unlike classic filter press, membrane is able to apply an even pressure over the entire cake surface. So it is very popular even it is more expensive. When filter press membrane plate becomes a scrap, how to recycle or reuse it in a […]
Film is a flexible packaging material which is normally less than 10 mil thick. HDPE film is a common waste at manufacturing and distribution center. Recycling HDPE film is the best to reuse the HDPE film scrap and hence protect environment. And HDPE film shredder is a good size reduction machine during whole HDPE film […]
Plastic grinding machine is also popular as plastic grinder, plastic granulator or plastic crusher. This machine can end up with great size reduction in waste handling. It is a very ideal machine to grind materials like PET bottles, HDPE containers, plastic pipes or tubes, and plastic packaging molding scraps. The size or output are different […]

Shredder Blades27/04/2018

Shredder has very wide applications in many industries for size reduction purpose. How to guarantee the shredder quality? One of the most important factors is the quality of shredder blades or shredder knives. So it is essential to choose a right design and good material shredder blades to suit your own material shredding.   How […]
We consume huge amount of water bottles every year. Where do these scrap water bottles go finally? Of course, scrap water bottles recycling is the best solution both from economic and environmental benefits. Now the average production of scrap water bottles is about 100,000 tons in each province in China. But only 60% of them […]
Buying a shredder sometimes is not easy if you do not know your shredding requirement in detail. Knowing your shredding requirement well is very important to help to choose a right and cost effective shredder machine. A professional shredder manufacturer or supplier always asks some typical shredding requirement questions before providing you a price or […]
What is foam shredder machine or foam granulator? Foam can be found in egg cartons, fast food take-out containers, plates and cups etc. Because it is lightweight, insulates well and inexpensive, many packaging uses it. You can be easy to see them in our daily life. Foam is a recyclable material and foam recycling is […]

Garment Shredder04/07/2017

Garment shredder is also named clothing shredder or textile shredder. It is a size reduction machine that used to shred textiles like shoes, rags, and fiber etc. Garment shredder normally is composed of shredding mechanism and bracket with high quality and durable blades. PROSINO swing-arm single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are both fine […]

Tube Shredder03/07/2017

What is Tube shredder? Tube shredder is a crusher machine that used to shred or granulate tube into small pieces or granulates for recycling. Based on different materials, tube can be divided into plastic tube, paper tube, rubber tube and metal tube. Plastic tubes can be further classified to HDPE tube, LDPE tube ,PP tube […]
What is fiber glass shredder? Fiber glass shredder is a machine that used to shred the fiber glass into small pieces. There are many type of fiber glass shredders with different capacity and output size. You can always find the most optimal fiberglass shredder according to your actual needs. Fiber glass shredder is widely used […]
What is a plastic scrap shredder? Plastic scrap shredder is used to deal with plastic raw material or plastic leftover material to make its size smaller. Plastic scrap shredding machine is a great help in plastic recycling and reuse. The plastic scrap shredder is composed of shredding mechanism, bracket, sometimes as well as recycling bin […]
Cardboard box is also referred as corrugated cardboard box or container. It is a good recyclable material if your cardboard is not waxed, wet and soiled. Cardboard box recycling is the best solution for the planet and your local community because it helps to conserve valuable resources, reduces pollution from production of new materials and […]
Human activities have resulted in pollution and degradation of the natural resources and minerals. As a result, waste generation has heightened. The non-degradable forms of waste form a greater threat to our planet. For their reduction, some great innovations such as the “shredders” in waste recycling world have been created. Different size and configuration shredders […]
Motherboard refers to a printed circuit board (PCB) which is the computer foundation located on the back side or at the bottom of the computer chassis. Since it allocates power and allows communication to CPU, RAM and other hardware components, it also called mainboard, system board, base board or backplane board. There is a shocking […]
The leftovers of fish can be fish heads, fish parts or even whole dead fish. How to effectively make these leftovers of fish to useful resource? Fish shredder machine can help.   How to reuse or recycle fish scrap or leftover of fish? We should all believe that processing fish waste for beneficial uses is […]
Jerry can also written as jerrycan or jerrican, is a liquid container for fuel or water. In the beginning, it is made of metal and designed for military uses to hold 20L fuel. Later it is developed in plastic jerry cans. Many people in developing countries use it to haul and store the drinking water. […]
Aluminum foil is a paper-thin sheet of rolled aluminum which can be torn easily. These sheets are wound onto a cardboard tube and stored in a cardboard box. Aluminum foil is an ideal material to wrap and store food. Aluminum foil has many uses and gains popularity quickly. How to deal with the aluminum foil […]
What is a Biaxial Shredder? Biaxial shredder is also called biaxial shredding machine, double shaft shredder, two shaft shredder or twin shaft shredder. It makes cutting, tearing and extrusion as a whole. This industrial shredding machine has wide shredding applications and is applied in many industries. Some shredded material pieces can also pass to granulator […]
All computer hard disc drives are recyclable. For large-scale destruction of electronic data, you need a hard drive shredder to effectively destroy traditional rotational hard drives and solid-state hard drives. In general, hard drive shredding is a method that requires greater physical resources and more care to prevent hazardous electronic wastes.   Why you need […]
What is Uniaxial Shredder? Uniaxial shredder is also called uniaxial shredding machine, single shaft shredder or one shaft shredder. It is an industrial multi-purpose shredding machine which has very wide shredding applications. The final shredded size can be defined by the fitted screen size. The shredded pieces can also pass to granulator for further size […]
What is ABC plastic and why ABC is so popular in nowadays? ABS is short for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. ABS plastic is a lightweight and low cost engineering material which is easy to machine and fabricate. ABS is an opaque thermoplastic and amorphous polymer. ABS is characterized by good machinability, excellent aesthetic qualities, easy to paint […]
Glove is the garment covering your hands and it can be found in many places. What do you do with your waste gloves? The disposable gloves can be plastic gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves and latex gloves. Different waste gloves need to be recycled in different way due to its raw material difference. Single use […]
All we know waste recycling is more and more popular in many waste materials. Recycling really makes sense to save natural resources and decrease the landfill. Size reduction process is one of the most important processes in whole recycling process. Waste shredders, granulators, crushers or grinders are common size reduction machines in the market. For […]
Save paper and save the tree- As a use of papers is all around us, the usage amount of papers also can be found everywhere. Among all of them packaging with papers of cardboard are mostly famous. Yes, from shoe case to toy cover, electronics packaging to food or beverage packaging, glass cover to crafting […]
RDF Introduction Residual Derived Fuel (RDF) which is also known by the names solid recovered fuel or specified recovered fuel (SRF), is a kind of residual fuel which is produced as a result of the shredding and dehydration of the MSW (municipal solid waste). It makes the use of the waste converter technology and can […]
Printed circuit board is also known as PCB or green board. They are used to mechanically support and electrically connect electronic components using conductive pathways, traces, etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. There are many old, non-working, un-repairable or discarded PCB. What should we do? Actually these PCB waste can be recycled […]
When You Need a Plastic Shredder Machine? Shredding plastic is an essential part of whole plastic recycling process. Plastic shredder machine, plastic grinder machine or plastic granulator machine delivers the best plastic size reduction solutions. From plastic processing waste to post-consumer plastics, from large plastic recycling plants, small post-consumer plastic recyclers to post-industrial plastic recyclers, […]
What is foam made of? What is foam type? Foams are made by forming gas bubbles in a plastic mixture. There are two popular type of foams. One is flexible foam which has an open cell structure and can be used to produce high or low densities. The typical applications of flexible foams are mattresses […]
Egg carton is a very common household waste in our daily life. From year 2000 to 2010, China’s egg consumption demand has maintained steady growth trend which is from 22.04 million tons to 28.27 million tons. The average annual growth rate is 2.52%. As such, we can imagine how many egg carton waste increased year […]
What is laminated film? The before shredding materials of Plastic laminated film shredder are normally presented as laminated film sheets. A sheet of laminating film is composed of several plastic layers. Normally the harder layer is on the outside and the softer layer is on the inside.  What kind of plastic is used in laminating […]
Most of hessian bags are made from coarse woven fabrics. Hessian is a durable material. Compared to normal paper bag, the hessian bag is strong enough to carry heavy goods or used in making sacks. Hessian bags are used in various locations with different names and designs such as gift item bags, fancy bags, wine […]
The major issue faced by the domestic, agriculture and industrial applications of various activities is the amount of waste which is generated on a daily basis. One of the most common forms of everyday waste includes the wooden materials, which are used by the human beings for various purposes. As the wood items come from […]

Alfalfa Shredder09/01/2017

The agricultural lands and activities related to farming create a lot of waste like the hay, straw, grass, coir and much more. The hay products like the shrubs and grass including clover and alfalfa need to be treated properly and recycled to increase the productivity and profits of the farmers. The farmers thus make use […]
Are you troubled by the immense amount of rubber waste around your premises? Have bundles of rubber waste materials accumulated in your area? There stands no need to worry as the scientists have come up with an efficient technique to resolve this issue. A machine known as the “ rubber crusher ” has been brought […]

Trash Bin Shredder29/12/2016

Why Today one needs a Trash Bin Shredder? Trash bin shredder can be office paper shredder which looks like a trash bin. Industrial trash bin shredder can be an industrial heavy duty shredder which is used to shred plastic trash bins. Trash Bin Shredder in Office With our ever-increasing need for data security and safely […]
Agricultural wastes impose great threats to the Earth’s environment. These include waste materials like straws, paddy particles; cattle feed wastes, and the horticultural waste materials. Many agricultural owners or farmers tend to decompose these waste products by burning these off or by burying them in landfill areas. However, there might be certain chemicals, which might […]
There has been a widespread discussion over the different types of machines used for the waste treatment process. We all have heard of terms like granulation, crushing, shredding, compressing and baling. However, ever have we wondered what could be the difference among all these? Though they might seem to perform a similar task of waste […]
Cut Huge Packaging without Effort With Flexible Packaging Waste Shredder For any economic concern, all sectors are same important. Today we will discuss such a part of business – packaging. Packaging is a key part of product selling as because it will keep your product protected and will hold its valuation impact until it got […]
Paper cores are being used in almost all the industries nowadays. These cores are more suitable for Packing, rolling, stuffing and in a lot more works. So the demand for them has increased a lot with the onset of eco-friendly fever. But when it comes to reducing the waste cores, paper core shredder is an […]
Is disposal of plastic-bags a headache for you? Nowadays, the use of plastic bags is growing very rapidly. Everything you see comes with a plastic cover. Plastic bags are cheaper, waterproof, air-tight and durable; this promotes the use of plastics. But, since you know plastics are not eco-friendly, their disposal possesses a real challenge and […]
How can We Achieve Waste Reduction with the Use of Shredding Equipment in Waste Recycling Line? Since the human population is considerably increasing on a daily basis, the exploitation of the Earth’s natural resources continues to grow. The consumption of these resources also results in the generation of a considerable amount of waste materials. We […]
Why we need a wood crusher? With the advent of human civilization, there has been an increased demand for various materials. From the domestic needs to the industrial needs, man has relied on the Earth’s natural resources for its sustainability. One of the natural resources highly used by humankind is the wood. Wood, which is […]
Sponge crusher is mainly used for shredding sponge remaining material, into reusable objects to prevent waste of potentially useful material. The sponge is a type of voluminous material, which is particularly used for furniture padding, in constructing building insulation material, and disposable cups, plate or spoon.  Because of huge demands of sponge in the industrial […]
Textile crusher have assumed an important role in today’s era where recycling has become a buzzword. These not only help save precious resources but also play a pivotal role in saving our environment and stimulating the economy by creating jobs. Textile crushing machine helps convert used clothes and other clothing scraps into reusable clothes. Attire […]
Shred your feet protector by a shoe shredder or shoes crusher Shoes are one of the only products which have demand throughout the year. Since its invention, it has been receiving an incredible response and the will continue to have the similar kind of demand in the future. Currently, there is no alternative for the […]
In this modern world, the mobile phone has become the humankind’s best friend. The importance of it rises so high that now it has become an integrated part of every activity of our living. Starting from the time we wake up till the amount of sleep we should have is now monitored using mobile and […]
Human civilization has reached its peak in terms of the invention of items, which make life much simpler. With the invention of new products each day, there is also a constant pressure to dispose of the waste products generated by their use, like the waste barrels include plastic barrels and metal barrels. Thus, the scientists […]
The waste shredder is being used for multiple purposes including the reduction of waste materials like solid waste and municipal solid waste (MSW). These are also known as waste shredders or waste crushers and deploy the use of heavy duty shredding machines for the purpose of waste reduction. Why is there a Need of Waste […]
From the late eighties, wood shredders are used in the different time in different businesses. We all know wood shredder was discovered earlier but it made its place in the wood industry worldwide. The wood log shredder or tree chippers are generally used to give the small shape of tree trunks. This invention proves its […]
A paper shredder is a well-known device in today’s life. Many industries, who are working with huge amount of papers need to crush them or destroy them to lesser their wastage and keep office premises or big factories clean. Because when you have to deal with papers materials, a huge amount of wastage come out […]
What is a Vertical Shredder or Vertical Crusher? Due to our day-to-day activities, we produce a huge amount of waste from the products, which we use. This puts the Earth’s natural resources in a lot of pressure. Most of such waste materials are non-biodegradable which cannot be decomposed easily. Hence, these tend to stay in […]
The recent era is observing the technological advancements largely. As automation of every possible manual is taking place, there comes a need to manufacture more and more technological products. These comprise of the electronic devices, which are used for the automation process. The electronics products find its place in every aspect of the field from […]
Why Pipe Shredder is needed? The human race has evolved greatly through generations. Through its years of evolution, the mankind has discovered and invented several materials to provide comfort and ease of living. One such invention has been the pipes, which have been in use for multiple purposes since ages. Some of the common areas […]
Industrial shredder is the name of best cleaning option in every industry. It is a machine which can help every type of materials either it is metal or wood or stones or plastic or papers or something else. According to their working capacity they are divided into many categories like single shaft shredder, double shaft […]
What does you do with your used or wastage tires? If you are a business person, you gathered them for resale but don’t know when you will be able to resale them or just throw them out which is not so eco-friendly. If you think to recycle your used tires, you must take care of […]
The waste generation has become a matter of concern in the present times. As the human population is increasing, the amount of waste that is being generated keeps increasing considerably. This leads to serious issues and hazardous problems which puts the mere fact of existence on the Earth to much doubt. Due to the rocketing […]
Plastic is a material which can be obtained easily but some don’t think to recycle this and the rest do not have the knowledge to crush them at all. A technology was invented to solve this problem the plastic bottle crusher. Out of plastic products, plastic bottles are widely used and it leads various problems […]
One of the most alarming issues faced by the humanity today is the generation of the amount of waste materials from the day-to-day activities. The most dangerous of this kind are the hazardous waste, which can have highly toxic effects on the health of humans and other beings. It also poses a great threat to […]
Introduction: Shredding a product itself is a tedious and tiring process. A wood Shredding can be the even more difficult process, but not with a saw mill trim Shredder. An innovation, which makes the Shredding process easier.  What is Shredder? A Shredder is a machine, which makes the reduction process of the Raw materials more […]
Technology development – CD Shredding Machine: As with the rise and development of the media and data storage, the e-waste related to it has also been increased. Though the usages of CDS and DVDS have been slowly decreasing, they will never go out of the storage field. This results in the bulk waste of CDs […]
Cold-blooded murder:- Plastic is the top most assassin of nature. Not only killing an animal or a human is a murder destruction of nature and the environment is a murder. We, people, have been doing it for a very long time but now is the final call to rectify those mistakes. Stop sending hazardous plastic […]
The Use of Wood Lumber Shredder: With the rising level of human population, there is an increased need for the natural resources. It puts a lot of burden on the Earth’s resources as these materials are limited in quantity and are exhaustively depleted by the humankind. The most alarming change that is currently occurring is […]
As the human race is advancing towards the next generation, it has been undermining each possible natural resources of the Earth. From the metals to the chemical minerals to the trees and water, not a single raw material from the Earth’s surface is hidden from exploitation by the humankind. However, what the humans fail to […]
As the humankind is advancing towards the coming generations, it keeps on deteriorating the Earth’s resources largely. We have over-utilized the natural resources of the Earth and have reached a stage that if now we do not take remedial steps; we shall soon reach towards the extinction of the human race along with the other […]
Introduction: Each day new ideas and innovations have been introduced in the waste management field. This have leafs to a lot of confusion and inconvenience among the buyers. It remains a headache to specify which one to buy a Shredder or a grinder or a crushers or chippers? When it comes to wood waste management, […]
The wooden industry is booming nowadays. The people across the world are investing a greater amount of money on buying extravagant furniture for their home. Hence, when it comes to making the choice of the best-suited furniture for their home, the people usually consider the following parameters: – Durability of the wooden furniture – Cost […]
Introduction: As we, all know batteries are made up of electrochemical cells, which are used to give power to torches, remotes and in smart phones too. However, what happen to them once they are used? They will be thrown out just like any other waste material. What would you do if I say that their […]
Banana tree is one of the most common plants when come to think of tropics, but do you know if it is a real tree? In fact, banana tree is not a real tree since it has no woody parts. The trunk is made up of fruit stems and leaves. It is actually the biggest […]
3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing or desktop fabrication, refers to the process of making three-dimensional product from a computer-based digital file such as CAD drawing. This process is additive, where multiple layers of material are laid down one after another to create the object. Even though 3D printing is getting known by the […]
Material feeding is the essential and primary step during shredding and granulating process. There are various different methods of feeding scrap material into a shredder or granulator like by hand, fork truck, grab, conveyor or a container lift and dump system. Generally speaking, manual feeding by hand is only suitable for machines with small capacity […]
What is corn cob and see how corn cob shredder is applied in corn cobs recycling? Corn is widely grown throughout the world as a major food crop. In year 2009, the worldwide production of corn was 817 million tons, which is more than the other two major grains, rice (678 million tonnes) and wheat […]
Organic waste is a type of biodegradable waste which comes from either a plant or animal. The main forms of organic waste are food waste, agricultural waste, human and animal waste. Around 50% of household waste and 30% of all waste we throw away is organic. Burying organic waste in landfill not only waste limited […]
Hazardous waste is a specific type of waste which can be found in different forms like liquids, solids, sludges, or gases. If handled improperly during storage, transportation, treatment, or disposal operations, it can be dangerous or potentially harmful to human health or the environment. According to the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), an estimated 400 […]
Plastics is one of the most recycled waste materials in the world. Plastics recycling is popular in plastic waste management. Shredding plastics into small pieces is one of the important process in plastics recycling. Here we introduce some popular plastic shredder for sale in PROSINO for different plastic waste size reduction. Mini plastic shredder for […]
Mini shredder or small shredder is the ideal size reduction solution for small-scale recycling business or new recycling business. It is cost effective, and has small footprint and height. Such mini shredder or small shredder can also be applied in size reduction of many waste materials incl cardboard&paper, plastic, wood, rubber, E-waste and metal etc. […]
Scrap PET strap recycling makes sense. Polyester (PET) is the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate, which is widely used for making into many daily products, such as PET strap, PET bags, PET pipes, PET bottles etc.. This material is fully recyclable, and thus scrap PET products can be collected and recycled to make new PET products. […]
Plastic shredder, plastic grinder and plastic granulator are the most popular plastic size reduction machines. These plastic recycling machines can handle different kind of plastics incl ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, HDPE, HMWHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Nylon, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PC, PET, Polyamide, Polyester, PP, PS, PU, PUR, PVC, TPE, TPO, and UHW-PE etc. PROSINO size reduction […]
Most people do not understand the difference between shredder, grinder and granulator very well and always use them interchangeably. But it is very important to know shredder, grinder and granulator difference and choose the right size reduction machine for your specific needs. Why it is important for you to understand the difference between shredder, grinder […]
PROSINO, as a size reduction shredding and granulating machine manufacturer, we often receive such kind of question from clients who are just starting to run a small-scale recycling business: What shredder to choose for small-scale recycling business? PROSINO size reduction machinery has a various models of shredders and granulators to suit the size reduction requirements […]
E-waste, also referred to as E-scrap, is electrical or electronic devices that have been discarded. Common types of e-waste are discarded computers, mobile phones, laptops, TVs, fax machines, microwave and toaster ovens, water kettles, radios, vacuum cleaners etc. With the development of the word’s technology and economy, electrical or electronic devices are getting more and […]
What is Styrofoam? Styrofoam is a form of polystyrene plastic which is known as EPS or Expanded Polystyrene Foam. Styrofoam has numerous good features such as light weight, low cost, high durability, high compressive strength and good chemical stability, thus it was widely used as packaging as well as insulation material in our daily life. Styrofoam […]
Plastic film is a thin sheet of plastic material used for wrapping or covering things. It is also referred to as stretch film sometimes. Plastic film products such as shopping bags, food bag/wrap, shrink wrap, agricultural covering film etc. are widely used in our daily life. Most plastic film products are made of polyethylene (PE) […]
People may not realize that old refrigerators or freezers consume much more electricity (2 to 4 times) than today’s newer, higher efficient models. Replacing an old refrigerator or freezer can help you save much on electricity bills. The thrown- away refrigerators or freezers not only take up large space in landfills, but also release harmful […]

UBC Recycling Line16/03/2016

As recycling does not transmute the element, aluminum can be recycled infinitely without losing quality. Aluminum is the second most widely used metal whereas UBC (Used beverage cans) is the most recycled consumer product in the world. The biggest benefits of recycling UBC is it saves 95% of the energy compared to making new aluminum […]
Disposable diaper is one type of the disposable consumables in our daily life. According to statistics, every year the United States produces 21 billion of disposable diapers which are becoming waste once used. UK disposes 2.5 billion of diapers each year. Those disposable diapers mostly will be abandoned and buried in landfills, while diapers cannot […]
Plastic pipes are widely applied in many fields like agriculture irrigation system, gas piping, water mains, drainage outlet, sewer, underground tap water supplies, etc. Such kind of plastic piping usually is made of below four types of plastic materials: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) and Pex (Cross-linked Polyethylene). Among these materials, PE and […]
High-density polyethylene, commonly abbreviated as HDPE, is a commonly recycled plastic. In the recycling facility, post- consumer HDPE bottles are firstly sorted based on different types and colors, then they are shredded or granulated, washed and further dried, the final product is called HDPE flakes which are used as raw material for manufacturing new products. […]
In our daily life, smoking is a very common phenomenon and we can find cigarette butts inevitably wherever there are human activities such as roads, parks, bus stations and railway stations. According to NIH, about 4.5 trillion of the cigarette butts are ended up in the environment every year. These cigarette butts are not biodegradable, […]
Foam is one of the most common polymer materials in our life and it is widely used for producing various foam products. While during foam product manufacturing process, Approximate 30% of the foams become scrap after they are cut and shaped into products. If we do not recycle these form offcuts and trims, it will […]

Carpet Recycling27/01/2016

Carpet recycling now is very necessary and important. Carpets are widely used in industrial and commercial facilities as well as in residential fields. According to the data provided by CARE (Carpet America Recovery Effort), in the United States alone, an estimated 5 billion pounds of carpet are discarded every year. Carpet poses waste management problems – […]
Medical waste refers to all types of waste materials generated at health care facilities like hospitals, clinics, dentist offices, physician’s offices, nursing homes, blood bank and collection centers, animal houses, as well as laboratories and research organizations. Medical waste disposal should be proper and it makes great sense to recycle some recyclable medical waste. Medical […]
Jumbo bag is also called flexible freight bag or space bag which is a kind of soft big container for handling, packing and transporting various dry products or materials usually in forms of powder, granule and flake. Jumbo bags are generally made of polypropylene, polyethylene or other polyester fiber textiles. Due to its features of […]
Acrylic bathtub features its attractive design, different shapes and sizes and easy manufacturing process, it takes great market share nowadays. Besides economic bathtub, acrylic is also widely used to make luxury bathtubs with massage or audio-visual functions. However, acrylic bathtub also has disadvantages, such as non-durable, the surface could be easily scratched, easy to get […]
Flexitank, also referred to as Flexitanque or Flexibag, is a large plastic bag that is designed with filling and discharging valve for transporting nonhazardous bulk liquid inside a standard 20’ container. A variety of nonhazardous liquids can be transported inside flexitank including wine, juice concentrate, liquid latex, edible oil, lubricant, detergent, printing ink, potable water, […]
Polypropylene woven bags or simply known as PP woven bags are ideal packaging solution thanks to their strong, tough and cost-effective features. These plastic sacks are widely used to pack materials for grain, milling, sugar, fodder, chemical, fertilizer industry, as well as other applications like cement, sand, metal parts and concrete etc. PP Woven bags […]

Waste Hierarchy30/11/2015

The waste hierarchy, also known as the hierarchy of waste management is a nationally and internationally accepted guide for prioritizing waste management practices. It represents the progression of a product or material through the sequential stages of the pyramid of waste management. Standard outline of the hierarchy ranks 6 approaches which are prevention, minimization, reuse, […]
Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly abbreviated as PET, is one of the most common types of plastic we encounter on a daily basis. Numerous scientific tests and analysis have created a broad consensus that PET is a safe material for the storage of food and beverages. Due to its non-toxic, cost-effective and environmentally friendly property, PET is […]
With the development of modern telecommunication industry, battery is used as power to many products like radios, watches, remote control units, toys, cellular phones, laptops, etc. Heavy metals inside the battery react with electrolyte to produce its power. Battery recycling has not yet been paid great attention compared to other material recycling. Waste batteries contain […]
What is e-waste? Generally speaking, the abandoned electronic products all belong to e-waste. For example, television, computer, printer, phone, refrigerator, etc. In this modern society, E-waste generated in large amount everyday, which can cause serious harm to human health if it is not disposed or recycled properly. The speed of e-waste generating is almost 3 […]
Cables are widely used in our daily life, from electric cable, power cable to communication cable and data cable. Production of cable scrap in the Western world amounts to approximately 1,000 tons per 1 million population. Accumulation of abandoned cable posts potential fire hazard which can bring harmful effects on nature and human beings. A […]

CD & DVD Recycling21/10/2015

Every year, a mass of CDs and DVDs are produced and in the meanwhile, millions of them are ended up in the landfill or incinerators. CD & DVD Recycling actually is quite necessary for environment. Do you know what are CDs and DVDs made of? CDs and DVDs’ body is mainly made of the number […]
Nowadays, the words such as “low-carbon”, “environment protection”, “energy-saving”, and “green” are frequently mentioned by people. When people are selecting a daily item in supermarket, more and more people will also pay attention to the product if it is recyclable or not. Many people know the word “recycle”, but do you know what are “upcyle” […]
For years, scrap rubber tires, generated when old and worn tires are replaced with new ones, were tossed into landfills with abandon. Designed for a rugged life of use under a car or truck, tires are made of vulcanized rubber, which means they decompose very slowly. Accumulation of the discarded tires posts environmental threat such […]
Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) is a fuel produced from unrecoverable materials of municipal solid waste (MSW). It is largely made up of combustible components of municipal waste such as plastics and biodegradable wastes that are processed to obtain a product with a high calorific value. RDF is a great substitute for fossil fuels like coal […]
What is the difference between shredder and granulator? Shredder and granulator are the two basic size reduction machines. Overall speaking, they perform the same job, that is take a larger component and reduce it to smaller sized output. However, when you look in detail, shredder and granulator are much different, and it could be a […]
A MRF (refer to as materials recovery facility, materials reclamation facility, materials recycling facility or Multi re-use facility) is a place where collected solid wastes are delivered to be sorted into different types (e.g. plastics, cardboard, paper, metal). When the materials are separated and sorted, they will be further shredded, compacted or baled and then […]
What is the difference between single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder? Both Single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are commonly used in waste recycling field, but they are different in a few aspects. 1. Machine structure is different: Single Shaft Shredder is equipped with only one shaft with rotary blades, a hydraulic-driven pusher […]
1. Save space by removing cardboard waste Almost all industrial facilities and living houses generate great volume of cardboard/OCC every day. Can you image if all those cardboard waste occupy huge space and are not removed in time? Cardboard baler and cardboard shredder are really a help to reduce the size of such OCC waste […]
Nowadays, LED lighting has been widely used in all kinds of lighting and gradually replaced the traditional filament lamps. Although compared with traditional light, LED lights are more environmental friendly, waste LED products recycling is still very important. There are some reasons that why LED replaces the traditional filament lights. Firstly, LED’s life usually is […]