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Scrap Acrylic Bathtub Recycling

Acrylic bathtub features its attractive design, different shapes and sizes and easy manufacturing process, it takes great market share nowadays. Besides economic bathtub, acrylic is also widely used to make luxury bathtubs with massage or audio-visual functions.

However, acrylic bathtub also has disadvantages, such as non-durable, the surface could be easily scratched, easy to get stained, ages easily and changing color. Acrylic is not something that is easy to be recycled. The surface of acrylic bathtub is made of PMMA which is a kind of recyclable plastic, but PMMA is too soft to make whole bathtub, thus the back side is made of glass fiber for reinforcement. Once PMMA is combined with glass fiber, they cannot separate anymore and these material become non-recyclable. Therefore the main way out for the old scrap acrylic bathtubs is to be shredded into pieces and landfilled.

Size of bathtub normally is big – 2m or 1.8m in length is quite common. Double shaft shredder is not a proper solution to shred bathtub firstly because of its big size and secondly because the bathtub is difficult to be grabbed down by the rotating shafts due to its hollow feature. The ideal machine for shredding bathtub is single shaft shredder with swing arm. The swing arm is driven by hydraulic system which can push forward the big and heavy bathtub into the rotating shaft for efficient shredding.

PROSINO swing-arm single shaft shredders are robustly built and destined for high-load work, perfect for your acrylic bathtub shredding. If you have are looking at choosing a most suitable model to shred acrylic bathtub, please contact us and one of our sales representatives will give you a best recommendation to fit your needs. For model details, please refer to or directly send us email to

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