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Rotary Shear Shredder Machine

What is shredder? 

Shredder is a piece of equipment that reduces the size of almost all kinds of different materials. It takes in big sized materials and shed them into smaller manageable sizes. Shredder plays a very important role in today’ waste management and recycling industry, as well as security protection and more. Its applications cover paper, rubber, plastic, wood, e-waste, hazardous waste, green waste, animal bones and a lot others. Based on the quantity of cutting shaft, there are single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder. Double shaft shredder is also known as rotary shear shredder. 

Features of rotary shear shredder 

Rotary shear shredder is a shredder with low speed and high torque. There are disk-like blades mounted on the shaft. And along with the rotating of the rotors, the blades bite into each other’s teeth, shearing and tearing the objects apart. Attribute to the rotary cutting shafts with resistant knives, this type of shredder is capable of shredding almost all cuttable materials. The two cutting rotors powerfully grab the fee material and cut them into small pieces. With PLC control system, the rotary shear shredding machine can work in an automatic mode including automatic start, automatic stop and automatic reverse in case of overload. Rotary shear shredding machine is best suitable for shredding of bulky materials. It is a great choice for pre-shredding purpose and when you do not have defined size for the shredded pieces.

Rotary shear shredder from PROSINO 

PROSINO is a specialized shredder manufacturer in China. We offer various different types of rotors, knives and cutting technologies for shredding a variety of materials like plastic, wood, rubber, bones, paper and more. Our rotary shear shredders comply with European standard with CE certificate available. If you are looking for a rotary shear shredder, just contact us. And our team will discuss with your shredding needs in detail and propose the optimal shredder that best fits your requirement.

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