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RDF Crusher Machine

Single-use of plastic packaging materials are boosted during this novel coronavirus pandemic all over the world. Waste generation is in a increasing trend. If we do not have any action about it, these plastic will mix with organic waste and contaminate food worldwide as well as accelerating global warming. So waste recycling is quite important for circular economy. Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) can be transformed by many different waste including organic waste and some combustible waste. It can replace fossil fuel for cement or power production. But this waste conversion technology requires heavy capital investment and a RDF crusher is quite necessary during waste size reduction process.

RDF crusher in RDF line

The production of RDF helps to reduce landfill waste and the combustion of organic waste has zero global warming impact. But how to produce sustainable and affordable RDF? Primary crushing, drying, sorting, packing, solidifying, secondary crushing and baling are typical processes for RDF line. The primary crushing process aims to let solid waste has similar size such as 300mm for the easy transportation to drying lane.

The pre-processed and separated waste especially the combustible waste and light plastic waste are good resource of RDF. They are transported by a belt conveyor to the crusher and the crusher will crush them into particles with a required size. The crushed waste will be sent to dying system. The further crushing process aims to crush the RDF into customer’s required size such as 30-80mm for co-processing. So normally large RDF shredder is the ideal choice for primary crushing process and large granulator is the better choice for secondary crushing process.

PROSINO RDF crushers

PROSINO provides a complete line of shredders and granulators for different level of capacity requirements. Both RDF shredders and RDF granulators are available in our product line. Also we can organize a RDF line for you based on your individual case. Contact PROSINO team today for your whole RDF project.

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