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PVC Membrane Shredder Machine

What is PVC membrane shredder?

PVC membrane shredder is the kind of shredder which used for shredding the material like PVC membrane. As we all know that, PVC membrane are suitable for use on a wide range of roofing applications. It includes specialist installations such as simulated metal roofs. PVC membrane is also designed for all types of commercial and residential single-ply roof construction and re-roofing applications or repairs to existing PVC systems.

The advantages of PVC membrane material is that it is is very suitable for warm or cold roofs whether the roof is flat, inverted or sloped. Also PVC Membrane can be mechanically fastened, adhered or ballasted providing maximum system flexibility.


Why we need PVC membrane shredder?

As it is known that, with this roofing application, the PVC membrane material are always exposed. The exposed PVC membrane gets old easily and we need to replace it when it can’t be used any more. The over-sized roofing PVC membrane waste makes the transportation very difficult. It is not only difficult in lifting and it is also takes a lot of space for transportation. When comes to this, we can use the PVC Membrane shredder for crushing the big sized PVC membrane to small pieces to solve the problem.


How we choose the PVC membrane shredders?

For choosing the most suitable PVC membrane shredder, we need to consider the factors below.

– The maximum size of the PVC membrane material before shredding. The size of the PVC membrane determines the feed opening size of the shredder. If the feed opening size is smaller than the material, then we could not feed the PVC membrane material into the machine.

– Capacity. Which means how many kilos or pieces of PVC membrane material we need to shred per hour. If we have large quantity of PVC membrane material need to handle, we need to go for the big model.

– Size of the end product. If you have specific requirement about the end product’ size, you need to go for the models which not only can crush this material l and also can control the size after shredding.


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