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Purgings Shredder Machine

How to deal with purgings from injection and blow molding processes? Actually these plastic purgings and cutoffs almost have same quality as new plastic raw materials. So proper recycling makes great sense. Size reduction of purgings is quite important process. Purgings shredder is the right size reduction machine to handle this essential task.

PROSINO purgings shredder

Generally speaking, single shaft shredder and granulator are both ideal for reducing the size of plastic purgings. Which type of machine is more suitable for your project? This depends on the size of your materials. Purgings can be from small pieces to large blocks. Also they are in solid and hard pieces. For large size purgings, single shaft shredder’s high speed cutting rotor can shred purgings into small plastic flakes. If you are not satisfied with final product size, you can shred purgings first to reduce the volume and process them further in a granulator to achieve your final desirable size. Then final products can be introduced into production process immediately. For small purgings, a granulator is enough to granulate them directly to ideal size.

How to choose the ideal model of purgings shredder or granulator?

PROSINO brand has many single shaft shredders and granulators which are all capable of crushing purgings. The size of purgings and output particle size requirement can decide which type of machine is more suitable for shredding. But which factors determine the exact ideal model of the machine? Capacity or output plays important role to choose which model is the best suitable, because different options mainly differ in the handling productivity. If you only have very small amount of materials, small size granulator is the most suitable machine because it is much more cost effective.

How to feed the materials?

The shredder can be either manual feeding or by conveyor. Material discharge can be also by conveyor or into a dropbox.

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