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PP Packing Strap Crushing Machine

PP strap or PP packing strap is short for Polypropylene strapping. It is the most common and popular plastic strapping band together with PET strap. Although PET strap has better quality, but PP strap is more cost effective in the price. Also PP packing strap has some good properties such as tensile strength, elasticity and tension loss for many applications without failure. Polypropylene is often dull and has a checkered profile. It is also available with a few standard colors such as blue, white, yellow and black. So you can find these colors PP strap in the market. But how to dispose of PP packing strap scrap? Recycling by the assistance of a series of machines such as PP packing strap crushing machine is the ideal solution.

PP packing strap recycling

PP packing strap is a good solution to secure a variety of items for shipping and packaging. It has extensive application in fiber manufacturing industry and other industries. It has various widths and thickness which determine the tensile strength. Also PP packing strap has several finishing solutions for a close. For example, you can secure it by a heat weld. Also you can make use of a buckle with a manual strapping tool, a pneumatic strapping tool or an electric strapping tool.

When large amount of PP packing strap become scrap or at the end of life, it is better to choose to recycle them to reduce the waste instead of simply throwing them away. Either cutting the PP straps into small pieces by a shredder or crushing them into flakes by a granulator, is fine to make it smaller for easy handling in following recycling step. These crushed flakes or chips without iron contaminates will be for good second usage such as strap making, sheet making or other plastic products making. In a word, recycled PP strap material has a variety of applications in general packaging, food industry, newspaper, corrugated boxes, cut paper and many others.

PROSINO PP packing strap crushing machine

PROSINO offers various PP packing strap crushing machines for your different choices. From mini granulator to large granulator, you can always find a best suitable capacity crushing machine to meet your requirement. Our PP packing strap crushing machines are ideal for PET, PP factory recycling crushing. So just send PROSINO team your own PP packing strap crushing requirement, we will be happy to analyze your case in detail and work to match your needs with the right crushing machine.

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