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Plastic Waste Grinding Machine

What is plastic waste grinding machine?

Plastic waste grinding machine aims to reduce different shape of plastic scrap into plastic granules which can be 6-10mm in size usually. These plastic granules can be either manually or automatic transferred into collection box/bag or other extraction and collection system. The blades made of high-resistant steel ensure the longest service life and efficient grinding. Also blades can be sharpened for several times after getting blunt, this can extend blades lifespan and save cost. Easy replacement of blades is also quite important. So plastic grinder is a very efficient and useful size reduction machine in plastic recycling industry. This necessary grinding process helps to save resource to make new plastic and protects the environment from white pollution.

Plastic waste grinder can be small size to large size which depends on your original material size and required grinding capacity. For different kind of material and different size of material, unique design of rotor and blades can best suit specific application and maximize the output. Also hopper can be designed to best suit the easy material feeding.

What is the application of plastic waste grinding machine?

Plastic scrap can be either light or heavy plastic materials. Plastic waste grinder covers a wide range of plastic scraps. For example, PET bottles, HDPE containers, plastic lumps, plastic pipes or tubes, nylon scrap, PP sheets, plastic barrel, bumpers, dashboards, and plastic packaging molding scrap such as sprues, runners, purgings, etc.

How to choose your best suitable plastic waste grinding machine?

Normally it is ideal to select plastic grinder per exact grinding material. But we often have customers who run many different type of materials such as PVC, HDPE, ABS, etc. And they reuse the regrind material back into their process. In this case, we will recommend to have a versatile plastic waste grinding machine which can cover their different type of materials as much as possible. This can save much cost in bringing several new grinding machine. If you have any plastic waste grinding requirements, please send us your material pictures and sizes as well as capacity requirement, our PROSINO team will tailor your needs and recommend the most suitable machine for you.

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