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Plastic Shredder Machine in Plastic Recycling

When You Need a Plastic Shredder Machine?

Shredding plastic is an essential part of whole plastic recycling process. Plastic shredder machine, plastic grinder machine or plastic granulator machine delivers the best plastic size reduction solutions. From plastic processing waste to post-consumer plastics, from large plastic recycling plants, small post-consumer plastic recyclers to post-industrial plastic recyclers, from ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, HDPE, HMWHDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, Nylon, Nylon 6, Nylon 66, PC, PET, Polyamide, Polyester, PP, PS, PU, PUR, PVC, TPE, TPO to UHW-PE, you can always find a tailored or suitable plastic size reduction machine in PROSINO.


Typical Plastic Shredder Machines in PROSINO

PROSINO plastic shredders and plastic granulators offer various methods of rotor, cutters and cutting technologies to suit various plastic components, shapes and sizes. Below are some popular plastic shredders and plastic granulators for your easy reference:

  1. – Plastic container shredder such as PET bottle shredder or PET bottle granulator
  2. – Plastic foam shredder
  3. – Plastic film shredder
  4. – Molding plastic shredder
  5. – Plastic building framework shredder
  6. – Plastic pallet shredder
  7. – Plastic net shredder
  8. – Plastic drum shredder
  9. – Plastic pipe shredder
  10. – Plastic furniture shredder


PROSINO plastic shredder machine can have different shafts, knife design to better suit different shredding process for desired output. Many different screen design and sizes are ready and easy-to-install. This makes sure your desired size after shredding can be well achieved. We can have different configurations tailored to excel at your specific applications.

PROSINO also can combine both shredding and granulating functions into one integrated machine to enhance whole plastic size reduction process as well as saving cost. For example, our shredding and granulating integrated unit is well designed to shred and granulated plastic pipes into small pieces.


Why you choose PROSINO plastic shredder machine?

Why do more and more plastic recyclers and plastic processers prefer PROSINO’s plastic shredder machines? The reason is that you can always find flexibility, versatility, easy installation, easy operation, durability and easy maintenance in each of our plastic shredder machine.


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