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Plastic Scrap Shredder Machine

What is a plastic scrap shredder?

Plastic scrap shredder is used to deal with plastic raw material or plastic leftover material to make its size smaller. Plastic scrap shredding machine is a great help in plastic recycling and reuse. The plastic scrap shredder is composed of shredding mechanism, bracket, sometimes as well as recycling bin etc. The size of equipment is determined by material size and material handling capacity. The plastic scrap shredder can be divided in to single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, or even four shaft shredder.


What are the characteristics of plastic scrap shredder?

-The blades of the plastic scrap shredding machine is very thick and normally made of high quality material like SKD-11 and other anti-friction alloy material. The surface treatment of blades also very specially and complicated, to make sure the blades are durable and with long service time.

-The frame of the plastic scrap shredder is very strong. The frame always made of heavy-gauge sheeting, you do not have to worry if it will become deformed during long time run.

-The operation of plastic scrap shredding machine is very easy. It is auto controlled by PLC system and have the function of start, stop, reversal, overweight automatic reversal. You just need to press the start button, the plastic scrap shredder will work by itself.

-The maintenance and adjustment of the plastic scrap shredding machine is very easy. The structure of the machine is very mature and you basically do not need to adjust the machine after all the parameters are settled. Due to its high quality, the maintenance cost is also very less. Generally speaking, the plastic scrap shredder is a very economic and durable machine.


Why we need to recycle plastic scraps?

As we all know that, plastic scraps is a kind of organic, but unlike the other organic, it is very hard to break down. Some plastic scraps need years to break down, and some even not break down and will last forever. So we have to recycle plastic scraps, it does our own good. On the one hand, we can protect the environment. On the other hand, we can save natural resources.


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