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Plastic Reels Shredder Machine

Plastic reels have various designs and are available in a wide range of sizes, so they are suitable for a variety of applications. For example, you can see plastic reels in welding wire reels, delivery spools, pakspools, large pakspools, flat faced hybrid pakspools, 3D printer spools, medical tubing reels, composite reels, plastic tube reels, plastic tie rod reels, plastic beaded metal cylinder reels, and bespoke plastic reels etc. When these applications become scrap plastic reels, how to dispose of them in a proper way? Luckily, plastic reels are reusable and recyclable. So waste recycling is the ideal solution for both environment and economy. Plastic reels shredder or granulator is an important size reduction machine in whole plastic recycling process.

Plastic reels recycling

Plastic reels are the good alternative to steel reels in many applications. This is because they are lightweight, sturdy and only requires about one third cost of steel reels. Also they are more moisture-proof than steel reels. So in some industries, plastic reels are much popular. When these plastic reels become scrap or are at the end of their lifespan, we should find ways to recycle them in order to save natural resources and earn cash inflows. But how to recycle these old plastic reels? For transportation cost saving, a plastic reel baler can help to compress the reels into bales. Then you can shred plastic reels into small pieces by a plastic reels shredder. Together with washing and drying equipment as well as further crushing equipment granulator, you will have final plastic pellets which are available for producing new plastic products.

PROSINO plastic reels shredder machines

PROSINO brand product line has many different kind of shredders available for crushing all kinds of plastic reels. Generally speaking, double shaft shredder is more popular in most cases. You can choose either single-motor double shaft shredder or dual-motor double shaft shredder for different power and capacity options. So just send your plastic reels shredding requirements to our professional sales and engineering team.

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