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Plastic Pipe Shredding

Plastic pipes are widely applied in many fields like agriculture irrigation system, gas piping, water mains, drainage outlet, sewer, underground tap water supplies, etc. Such kind of plastic piping usually is made of below four types of plastic materials: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene) and Pex (Cross-linked Polyethylene). Among these materials, PE and PVC are the most commonly used for plastic pipe.

Being the best material choice for piping in various industries, it is not only due to plastic pipe’s good performance, but also because of its long and sustainable life (estimated to be more than 100 years according to WSAA). Even when the long service life is reached, it can be recycled and made into new pipes, or made into some other plastic products such as rubbish bin, plastic film, etc.

Although plastic pipe has long life cycle, there are many scrap pipes generated in life. For example, scrap pipes may be left over during pipe manufacturing process, road or building installation project, house decoration project, or old and damaged pipes need to be replaced.

If you have piles of scrap plastic pipes need to be recycled, loading, transporting and unloading would be very costly and troublesome without proper shredding or granulating in advance. PROSINO provides different models of Pipe Shredder and Pipe Granulator which can handle almost all sizes and shapes of plastic pipes. For shredding small volume of PVC pipes, our PPC Series pipe granulator is most suitable and most cost effective. If you have large volume of various types and various sizes of pipes to be shredded, you can consider our PS-S Serious single shaft shredder with hydraulic-driven pusher, or even our horizontal pipe shredder which is very heavy duty but very efficient especially suitable for handling long and big diameter pipes.

If you need advice or help to choose a shredder or granulator to reduce the size of your plastic pipes, please contact us today. One of our sales representatives will provide you the most suitable solutions to fit your project.

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