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Plastic Laminating Pouches Shredder Machine

What are plastic laminating pouches?

Plastic laminating pouches actually is a kind of protective covering which seals paper between two layer of plastic. This plastic surface is flexible and sturdy, so plastic laminating pouches have a very wide range of applications especially in food, packaging and printing industry.

What are plastic laminating pouches made of?

Plastic laminating pouches are made out of a combination of two plastic layers. One is PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) and other is EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). PET provides the stiff, rigid and protective outer layer for plastic laminating pouches. EVA is a popular hot-melt adhesive, so it is ideal for the inside surface of laminating pouches.

PROSINO plastic laminating pouches shredder

Recycling of plastic laminating pouches is beneficial to both economy and environment. Size reduction of plastic laminating pouches is an important step during whole recycling. Plastic laminating pouches shredder and granulator are both ideal size reduction machines for plastic waste destruction and recycling of laminating pouches.

Plastic laminating pouches shredders are more suitable for the first shredding of large amount of loose laminates, laminating pouches as well as their long strips. Double shaft shredders can shred, crush and destroy laminating pouches into small strips. Plastic granulators can grind laminating pouches into smaller particles and the final product size can be controlled by the screen mesh size. So granulators or grinders are more suitable for further size reduction process. Of course, if you only have a few amount of plastic laminating pouches, a grinder is much more cost-effective because it can grind the materials into required size by one step.

Contact PROSINO team if you have any shredding or crushing requirements for plastic laminating pouches. Both shredder and granulator has various models to suit different capacity and final product size requirement. Inquiry now!

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