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Plastic Film Granulator Machine

What is plastic film granulator?

Plastic film granulator is the machine that use to crush the plastic films. Compared with other normal granualtors, plastic film granulators normally equip with air extraction & collection system. This is because the weight of plastic film is very light. When we feed the plastic films into the granulator for crushing, the size of the end product will be even smaller and the weight of the end product is almost negligible. So the end product of plastic film might could not drop off from the machine screen very easily.

The drop process of the end product depends on their own weight. Since the weight of the shredded plastic film is too light, we need the external forces to help the shredded plastic films to drop off from the granulator. The air extraction & collection system can help us on that. There is a air blower in the plastic granulator to blow the shredded plastic film out.

Plastic film granulating machines are with many models for different sizes and output. You can choose the suitable model according to your actual needs. Some of the plastic film granulators are quite small, since the height of them are only around 900mm-1500mm. The motor power of them are only around 2.2 kw-15kw. Some of the plastic film granulators are very large and the height of them can be even up to 5000mm. The motor power can be even around 160-250kw. So you see that the output of the plastic film granulator varies from several kilos per hour to tons per hour.

How to use the plastic film granulators?

The operation of plastic film granulator is quite easy. You only need to press the press button on the granulator then machine will start to wok automatically. If you need to stop the machine, you just need to press the stop button. Before operating the plastic film granulating machine, you should make sure the wires of the machine are well connected. Since the plastic film granulator runs very fast, you also need to pay attention to the warning labels on the machine to ensure the safety operation.

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