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Plastic Crushing Machine For Sale

Plastic crushing is one of the most important process in whole waste plastic recycling process. The size reduction of plastic scrap brings convenience to subsequent recycling process until the plastic pellets are produced into new plastic products. Plastic baling, cutting and crushing are all size reduction solutions. But they are quite different machines. Since plastic crushing machine can destroy plastic material’s integrity by the shear strength, it is normally popular in the final size reduction process of the whole recycling.

The application of plastic crushing machine

Plastic crushing machine has very wide applications in plastic industry. Almost all kinds of plastics are in the crushing range. In a word, from hard to soft plastics, or from block to strip shaped and outlet plastic, you can always find a suitable crushing machine to get the job done. For example, PET bottles, HDPE containers, plastic tubes, nylon scrap, PP sheets, molding scrap, and PE films are all available for being crushed into small articles.

PROSINO plastic crushing machines

PROSINO provides several type of plastic crushing machines to suit different crushing requirements. Because different machine has different shear type and grind type. But how to choose a suitable crushing equipment? It mainly depends on the type, shape and degree of the crushing material. Generally speaking, different materials require different crushing equipment for best crushing result. Different models in same type of crushing machine can meet different level capacity requirements.

The cutting blades, adjustable gap and cutting rotor structure are quite important to determine the shape and size of final product after crushing. If you want to crush large plastic scrap into small pieces, it is better to have an initial shredding first before further grinding. If you want to crush small pieces into fine powder, you can use abrasive grinding machine directly. Both large granulator and small size granulators are available for crushing different kinds of plastics. Just contact our PROSINO team to tailor your own suitable machine today.