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Plastic Components Shredder Machine

Plastic has various elements such as carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine and sulfur. Also it has high molecular weight. So plastic components or accessories have very wide applications in all kinds of industries and products. From freezing cold to extreme heat, plastic products can deliver optimal results. For example, plastic for TV cabinets, Vacuums, Blenders, and AC portable units etc. But how to deal with the plastic components scrap? Recycling is not a bad option. Then you will find the place of plastic components shredder in the recycling stages.

Plastic components recycling

Plastic features with good looks, ease of handling and good moisture management. So you can easily find plastic components in our daily life. Injection molding can be considered as one of the most popular ways for fabricating plastic parts. It has wide applications in automotive interior parts, electronic housings, doghouses, housewares, compact discs, and medical equipment etc.

When plastic becomes a scrap, it will have some recycling steps to become pellets which are available for new plastic products. Generally speaking, baling, sorting, washing, shredding, identification and classification of plastic, and extruding are the necessary and important stages during the whole plastic component recycling. More and more people call for plastic components recycling and ask manufacturers to design new products by using the recycled plastics. For example, we can design fully recyclable plastic bottles or containers to keep them out of the landfill. So plastic components recycling helps to clear landfill space, conserve the energy and natural resource.

PROSINO plastic components shredder machines

PROSINO brand has many different kind of shredders and granulators for the size reduction of plastic components. Each kind of plastic components shredder or granulator has several models to suit different level capacity requirements. Since plastic components has different shapes and sizes, the recommendation of ideal shredder or granulator should be analyzed case by case. Just send PROSINO team the original component size and pictures, capacity and final product size requirements, we will recommend the best suitable machine to you within one working day.

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