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PC Water Bottle Granulator Machine

What is PC water bottle granulator for?

PC water bottle granulator is the size reduction machine available to crush the PC water bottles. It can make the PC water bottles into very small sized granulates like 6mm, 10mm, etc. As we all know that, nowadays the plastic pollution has seriously threatened the living environment of human beings. Only a small part of the waste plastic is recycled. However most of the waste can only be incinerated and landfill treatment. Eventually more than 20 million tons of plastic waste is not in the ideal solution range of recycling or reuse. Also these waste flow into rivers and then into the sea by the impact of the wind. In order to protect our living environment, we must increase the proportion of plastic recycling as much as possible. PC water bottle granulating machine can play an very important roll in plastic recycling.

How to choose the right PC water bottle granulator?

There are different sizes and types of PC water bottle granulators. We need to know the answers of these questions below before we choose the most suitable size reduction machine for PC water bottles.

– What is condition of our PC water bottle before crushing?

The condition of the PC water bottles can be in loose and also can be in bales. The size of the PC water bottles before crushing determines feed opening size of the PC water bottle crushing machine. If you need to crush the PC water bottles as a whole bale, then you should make sure the feed opening of the machine is big enough to load the whole bale in.

– What is our requirement on the output of the PC water bottle granulator?

The output of some PC water bottle granulators is only several kilos per hour and some of them can reach tons per hour. The output requirement is very important because it determines how big machine we need to choose.

– What is our expectation on the size of the end product?

The size of the end product has similar size as the screen size of the granulator. If we are expecting the size less than 10 mm after crushing, we need to choose the PC water bottle crusher with the maximum 10 mm screen.

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