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Particle Board Crushing Machine

What is particle board? 

Particle board, also referred to as particleboard and chipboard, is a type of engineered timber product made from small particles of wood such as chips, flakes, shavings, or even sawdust. These wood fragments are tightly compressed mechanically into sheet form and then further bonded together with resin. Due to its low cost advantage, particleboard is a popular substitute of conventional wood and plywood. It is a common building material used in almost all types of construction projects, such as furniture, interior lining, floor, concrete moulds, packaging as well as exhibition and fair structures.

Why recycling waste particle board? 

Each year thousands of tons of products made of particle board are getting thrown away. Instead of sending them to landfill or incineration, it makes good sense of recycling these post-consumer chipboard articles. Due to the use of formaldehyde glues and paints in most particle board products, it is difficult to recycle them into other products, however a used particleboard can be broken down into its little chips and particles which serves as a raw material for making new particle board again. A particle board crushing machine is a must have machine for recycling waste particle board.

Particle board crushing machine from PROSINO

Size reduction is an essential step in particle board recycling process. Client can use particle board crushing machines for primary size reduction of scrap particle board products into pieces sizing between 40-100mm, and further use particle board granulators for secondary size reduction of the shredded pieces into 5-10mm particles. PROSINO offers a wide range of shredders and granulators with different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity. If you are looking for particle board shredding solution, contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your waste particle board recycling project in detail, and recommend you the most suitable size reduction solution which best fit your needs.


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