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Leather Shredder Machine

Why we need a leather shredder machine?

Leather is the material which we obtained from animal skins and hides. The most common type of leather we can find on the market is the cow leather, pig leather, and sheep leather etc.. Leather is widely used in our daily life due to its characteristic of durable and flexible. We can see the leather made products everywhere. We normally use leather to make clothing, footwear including boots, shoes, slippers, handbags, furniture, tools, gloves, cases, accessories, etc. 

According to statistics, more than 139 million cows, calves, sheep, lambs, and pigs are killed for leather every year. Based on that, the leather recycling becomes a very important topic among us. If we can re-use this kind of precious resources, it will be great for our long term development.

In leather recycling process, shredding is the basic and main process. That’s why we need the help of leather shredding machine to achieve this goal. As we all know that, the leather waste we collected from the market are with different sizes and shapes. They might be bags, cut-offs or clothing. In order to proceed to the next step better, we need to shred all kinds of leather scraps with leather shredding machine first to make sure they will come out to be average same, like equal strips or pieces.

What are the types of leather shredders?

The leather shredder can be either single shaft leather shredder or double shaft leather shredder. The main difference between these two types of leather shredders are as follows:

– The single shaft leather shredder only has one rotor but double shaft leather shredder has two rotors.

– The working principle of single shaft leather shredder is to push the material to the blades by pushing system, while the working principle for double shaft leather is to crush the material by the occlude of blades. 

– The single shaft leather shredder is with screen, so it can control the size of the end product. However, the double shaft leather shredder does not equip with screen and the size of the end product normally random pieces.

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