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Industrial Shredders For Sale

What are Industrial Shredders?

By comparing with household shredders, industrial shredders can handle not only general soft waste like carton and plastic bottles from household disposing, but can also handle tough and hard material from the manufacturing or production processes. Simply speaking, industrial shredder is for industrial application, but not for consumer or agricultural application. An industrial shredder normally can handle a very wide range of waste covering plastic, wood, rubber, leathers, light metal, e-waste, paper, textile, common garbage, so on and so forth. Also, an industrial shredder usually has relatively big motor horse comparing to a household shredder, although size of motor horse is not strict in classifying between a consumer shredder and an industrial shredder. The purpose of using shredder is to reduce the size of waste so as to reduce the transportation cost and also to get ready for the following recycling procedures.

What is the classification for industrial shredder?

According to the number of cutting shaft, we usually classify industrial shredder into single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder, and four shaft shredder. Due to the different hardness and tenacity of different material, we might adopt different designs, thickness, and hardness for the blades. Hence, according to the application, we can classify industrial shredder into plastic shredder, metal shredder, tire shredder, film shredder, woven bag shredder, wood shredder, aluminum shredder, e-waste shredder, car shredder and so on. 

Who needs an industrial shredder? 

Recycling centers or waste recovery plants usually need one or more industrial shredders. According to the material that they will recover, recovery plants will choose a specific industrial shredder to suit their specific application. Besides waste recovery plants, some manufacturing or production plants that generate large volume of waste also has the demand for an industrial shredder so as to reduce the waste volume before transferring to recovery plant. 

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