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Industrial Cardboard Shredding Machine

What is industrial cardboard shredding machine?

Cardboard waste can be cardboard rolls or corrugated cartons from packaging industries, cosmetic industries, food industries, electronic industries and medicine industries etc. Actually these cardboard waste are valuable materials for waste processing and recycling. Industrial cardboard shredding machine can efficiently shred cardboard waste and reduce the volume for easy transportation and storage. It helps to reduce cardboard waste disposal cost or improve cardboard recycling efficiency.

The type of industrial cardboard shredding machines

When you are ready to purchase a cardboard shredder, there are different options in the market. The classification of industrial cardboard shredding machines can be various. From the size or capacity of shredder, industrial cardboard shredding machines have different sizes and capacities. Small volumes and large volumes cardboard waste handling need different shredders to cope with. So you can have small size, medium size and large size of cardboard shredding machines for choices. From the different type of cutting systems, you can have single shaft shredder, double shaft shredder and granulator for cardboard size reduction purpose.

PROSINO industrial cardboard shredding machines

PROSINO have both shredders and granulators for cardboard shredding purpose. For different kind of raw material cardboard waste, capacity requirements and final product size requirements, you can have different solutions. Sometimes you can even let shredder for prior shredding and granulator for further granulating. For small amount of cardboard waste like cartons, low power shredder and mini granulator are ideal option. For distribution center or recycling center, you may need a cardboard shredder or cardboard granulator for large volumes. The shredded material from single shaft shredder and granulator can be thrown through a screen, so the final size of output can be determined. However, double shaft shredder cannot control the exact size of final products due to its different design of rotor and cutting systems. Contact PROSINO team to find your right size industrial cardboard shredding machines for your size cardboard waste.


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