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Helmets Granulator Machine

You can see many different design motorcycle helmets in our daily life. For example, full face design, motocross and off-road design, modular or ‘flip-up’ design, open face or 3/4 helmet design, half helmet design, and novelty helmet design. The primary purpose of the helmet is to keep motorcycle riders’ safety and reduce the head injury. Of course, helmet also have some additional conveniences such as ventilation, face shields, intercom and ear protection. Helmets can be in different kind of materials. So an environmental disposal of helmets is not so easy because mixed materials are not easy for recycling. In a word, the ideal solution for recycling helmets is to separate the parts into recyclable items and non-recyclable items. Then you can start the plastic recycling under the size reduction machine such as helmets granulator.

How to recycle helmets?

First, answer the question well about ‘what are made of your helmets?’. Most helmets have a plastic shell, EPS foam liner, nylon or polyethelene straps and a plastic buckle. Even for plastic in the shell, you also need to have a double check if it is recyclable. If original material of the shells are PET like water bottles, they are recyclable. Otherwise, they may not be recyclable. You can check the helmet manual because the manufacturer knows best.

Second, separate the recyclable parts and non-recyclable parts from helmet’s different parts. For example, you can collect plastic shell for further plastic recycling. For EPS foam, you may break up it for packing material or other uses. If your helmets has fiberglass or ABS hard shell, it may be refused for recycling in most locations. Luckily, more and more helmets manufacturers are encouraged to produce new helmets in recyclable materials. That means it is possible to dispose of their helmets at the end of lifespan without harming the environment. This is because these manufacturers are selecting recyclable components and materials to ensure their products are fully compatible with existing waste treatment processes.

Third, recycle plastic items with recyclable materials through a complete plastic recycling line with many recycling machines involved. For example, helmets shredder or granulator, washing machine or extrusion machine are all important in whole recycling process. Sometimes, helmets baler can help you to save cost in transportation.

PROSINO helmets granulators and shredders

PROSINO brand size reduction machines have many machines and models to suit different requirements of your helmets. Helmets shredder can be available in first step crushing and helmets granulator can be further crushing. If the materials are not in large scale, you can use one granulator directly to achieve final size reduction result. Contact PROSINO team to tailor your case now.

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