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Glove Shredder / Disposable Gloves Shredding Machine

Glove is the garment covering your hands and it can be found in many places. What do you do with your waste gloves? The disposable gloves can be plastic gloves, nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves and latex gloves. Different waste gloves need to be recycled in different way due to its raw material difference. Single use non-hazardous gloves are almost 13% of the waste stream. How to recycle these disposable gloves? There are multiple options to reduce and recycle the single use non-hazardous gloves. Many waste recycling machines are used in whole recycling process. Glove shredder is one of the most popular and useful size reduction machines in whole recycling process.


The Type of Gloves

  1. – Latex gloves

Latex gloves are mainly made of natural rubber. It can be considered as rubber gloves. The minor difference is that latex glove is added some chemical compounds during the process. The latex gloves fit like a second skin and give the wearer high sensitivity. They are biodegradable and can be composted.

  1. – Nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are synthetic and often used by medical professionals. They are popular as medical waste gloves. Some people recycle these nitrile gloves into park benches and bike racks etc.

  1. – Vinyl gloves

Vinyl gloves have a looser fit than latex gloves. They are synthetic and not biodegradable.


Glove Shredder in Waste Gloves Recycling

The waste gloves cannot be simply thrown away without proper disposal. Waste gloves recycling become more and more popular. It saves natural resources and has many benefits to the environment. Glove shredder is used to reduce the size of disposable gloves into small pieces. PROSINO has a complete range of size reduction machines for options. Single shaft gloves shredder or double shaft gloves shredder, you decide! Our professional team will check your requirements in detail and recommend the most suitable glove shredder for you.


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