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Double Axis Shredder Machine

Double axis shredder is also popular as dual axis shredder or two axis shredder. It features with two rotor shafts and is one of the most useful shredding machine applied in different industry activities. It shares similar technology such drives, cutting technology, feeding system and control system with single axis shredder. But they have different designs for different results. Normally double axis shredders are high torque and low speed shredders compared to single axis shredder. They can shred versatile materials efficiently. Different materials requires different cutter thickness and the number of blades to achieve the best size reduction results. Final shredded particles will be fallen down after cutting, tearing and extrusion. For different material and capacity requirement, power force will be different to ensure to achieve the desired result.

What are the applications of double axis shredder?

Double axis shredders have a very wide range of applications. All kinds of hollow containers such PET bottles, plastic buckets, oil drums and packing boxes are all suitable for shredding. Scrap household appliances such washing machine, TV or refrigerator shell are also applicable. Double axis shredder can further shred some materials that single axis shredder is not good at shredding. For example, scrap car and truck tires, E-waste, scrap metals such as aluminum alloy and scrap cast aluminum parts etc.. Of course, double axis shredder is also quite suitable for some wood waste, paper & cardboard waste, and organic waste etc..

Buy double axis shredders from PROSINO

PROSINO provides many models of double axis shredders to suit different level capacity requirements and different materials. High quality steel welding ensures the stability of running in long time heavy load. High-resistant knives can be capable to cut off very stubborn material. PLC control can achieve the automatic operation so as to improve the working efficiency. So when you have a shredding requirement, please do not hesitate to contact PROSINO team for the best suitable shredder recommendation.

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