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Diapers Shredder Machine

What is diapers shredder?
This machine is for cutting diapers into small pieces. It is a reycling equipment. Every day large volume of waste diapers comes from both babies and even some aldults. Hence, properly reycling those diapers is very important. Disposable diapers are very common hygiene products. Material for making diapers are mainly non-woven fabric, toilet paper, fluff pulp, polymer absorbent resin, PE film,etc.. Most of these material is recyclable. So properly recycling diapers greatly helps reduce the waste of resources. And also brings considerable economical benefit.

Who needs a diapers shredder?
In diapers manufacturing plants, there a a lot of defective diapers. These diapers are completely new, so the material after reycling is of good quality. Many diapers factories have a shredding machine in their production sites for immediate cutting the defects products. Thereafter they will transfer these shredded material to reycling plants for converting into new material. By destroying the diapers, it can also avoid people from using or selling these defective products. Besides, many waste management companies also have shredder for diapers. They collect large volume of waste diapers and cutting them before transporting to reycling plants.

What type of shredder is suitable for diapers?
Diaper is soft but not tough, so very easy to shred. Basically, almost all types of shredding machine can handle them. Single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are most commonly used in this application. Single shaft shredder makes smaller shreds but genetes more dust. While twin shaft shredder makes big shreds but generates less dust. Twin shaft shredder is a low speed machine. Hence, the blades of it is not so easy to get blunt as single shaft unit.

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