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Corn Cob Shredder in Corn Cobs Recycling

What is corn cob and see how corn cob shredder is applied in corn cobs recycling?

Corn is widely grown throughout the world as a major food crop. In year 2009, the worldwide production of corn was 817 million tons, which is more than the other two major grains, rice (678 million tonnes) and wheat (682 million tonnes).

Corn cob, also spelled as corncob, is the long, hard, cylindrical central part of corn. Along with the harvest and consumption of corns, there is the same large amount of corn cob getting generated. It is a waste throwing corncobs away, as a matter of fact, corn cobs can be reused and recycled in many different ways.

Corn cobs are rich in insoluble fiber and are ideal material to be added as fiber in fodder for livestock. They can be burnt into charcoal and used to make industrial chemical compound. The innermost part of the cob is similar to foam plastic and is very absorbent. It works good as animal bedding materials and other absorbents. They can be used to make resins and solvents for automotive applications, making grit for sanding, and in making activated carbon.

During the recycling process of corn cobs, size reduction is an important step. Corncobs are usually dried up firstly and then shredded and or granulated into small pieces. The shredded or granulated small pieces are then further utilized for various uses.

No matter whether you are looking for shredder for course size reduction, or granulator for reducing sizes into fine pieces, PROSINO range of size reduction equipment always has the right choice for your needs. We have crushing and grinding machine as well as single shaft shredders and double shaft shredders available with various different sizes. Our team would be more than happy to assist you choosing a right model to meet your specific need. Contact us now to get an optimal solution for recycling your corncob.

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