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CD Shredding Machine

Technology development – CD Shredding Machine:

As with the rise and development of the media and data storage, the e-waste related to it has also been increased. Though the usages of CDS and DVDS have been slowly decreasing, they will never go out of the storage field. This results in the bulk waste of CDs and DVDs, which everyone knows is a non-degradable and hazardous waste.

To restore some of the waste from polluting the environment CD Shredding machine is in trend even in smaller and medium industry.


How does CD shredder work?

A small CD Shredding machine is similar to that of the paper Shredder. This is what happens inside a CD Shredder:

  • – The CDs are fed into the machine using the bin lid.
  • – As soon as they reach the bin the sensor, inside will be activated and the machine will start the Shredding process.
  • – Then the finished and shredded particles of the CDs are sent out which in turn will be used in recycling.

Based on the mode of work there are two types of CD Shredding machine:

  • – Strip cut Shredders, in which the rotating knives are used to cut and shred the CDs into fine particles.
  • – Crosscut Shredders, in which the Shredding process is done by two sets of teeth or jaws that rotate in opposite direction.

There is another Shredder as the crypto cut Shredders; micro cut Shredders, which are also used in destroying the CDs and DVDs. For industrial purpose, you many need a large industrial CD shredder for big amount of CD shredding purpose. The process is similar but rotor and cutter structure is much stronger.


Uses of having CD Shredding machine:-

There are so many reasons why buying a CD Shredding machine can be beneficial:

  • – They help in saving and in e-waste recycling.
  • – They help in destroying the secret and confidential information from getting in the hands of others.
  • – Most of all they help in saving the store area space.


Advantages of CD shredding machine:-

Having a CD Shredding machine proves to be a lot more useful than one can think. A few advantages are:

  • – They are easy to use and do not need special maintenance.
  • – Equipped with the silent operating system they are suitable for indoor use.
  • – The energy saving mode helps in saving the power by entering sleep mode when not in use.
  • – It does not require more manual work saving the workforce usage and helps in cost cutting.
  • – The lid covered Shredder helps in design the data under secure and safe condition.


Due to their numerous advantages, their usages have been increased a lot in the industry. The demands for the CD Shredding machine have been growing each day. They are not only used in offices they are also used by the military and government organizations to ensure the safety and security of the documents. One can always get the best deal for the Shredder on the net.


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