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Banana Tree Shredder / Banana Trunk Crusher

Banana tree is one of the most common plants when come to think of tropics, but do you know if it is a real tree? In fact, banana tree is not a real tree since it has no woody parts. The trunk is made up of fruit stems and leaves. It is actually the biggest herb in the world. Because of its appearance is so big and looks like a tree, it is called banana tree.

Banana trees have many uses. The first use surely is the sweet and healthy fruit banana which you can directly eat or bake. The peel of bananas can be the food by cows. The biggest part of the plant is trunk, which can be the food of animals like pig, cow as well. Once the bananas were harvested, the trunk will no longer grow new bananas. If leave the useless trunk on the farm, it would affect the younger plant grow unhealthily and it will die after some time. So usually once after the bananas are harvested, the trunks will be cut. It can be chopped or shredded into small pieces to mix with other materials to feed animals. The shredded banana tree can also be used for composting and generating biogas.

Shredder or crusher is a must-have piece of equipment to shred the banana tree/trunk. PROSINO shredder produces wide range of shredders and crushers with various models of different capacities and sizes. To shred banana trees, our single shaft shredders or double shaft shredders can all be your choice. Meanwhile, we can also customize the screen size to control the final particle size if you have specific requirement on this. Contact us freely if you are looking for such kind of size reduction machine for banana trees. One of our friendly sales representatives will assist you to find the most suitable machine.

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